Being Responsible

A message from Archangel Metatron…

Life is full of responsibilities. You must pay your bills, go to work, buy food, and much more.

There are also aspects of life, perhaps less obvious, for which you are also accountable as a keeper of the Light.

Maintaining your Light quotient is the most basic and fundamental responsibility of a Lightworker. This means focusing on that which is life-sustaining.

It may seem like a difficult task, when you see what is happening each day in the world, but there are ways to remain balanced in the midst of it all, beginning with being still and connecting with your center.

Life is cyclical. The seasons, the movement of the Earth, stars, planets, and energetic influences unmeasurable by scientific means, can determine the behavior of individuals, groups of people, and countries. There are stretches when life seems to be going well, and then challenges, which bring you back into the Light.

Civilizations can rise, fall, or evolve. There are so many factors involved in each scenario, many of which are beyond rational comprehension.

So, what can you do?

It is nearly impossible to be unaware of daily events in the world in this digital age, but what you do have control over, is how you respond to them.

You can remain an observer, which gives you the opportunity to send Light for the highest good of all.

In addition, it is essential to practice discernment, only allowing that which vibrates at the highest level into your energy body. In other words, consider the source of what you are bringing into your life and sending back out into the world.

Are you focusing on inspiring ideals, such as peace, Love, kindness, and gratitude? Do your thoughts and words embrace enduring principles? And do your current beliefs and efforts originate from within you?

If you do not find these elements in what you are focusing on, it may be time to sort out your priorities.

Now is the time to go inward, to find the true source of guidance that lies within you, so that you may become a source of wisdom and enduring truth.

It is your responsibility as a keeper of Light. You made the agreement to come into this lifetime to do so. The teachers were here for you when you required them, but now you must find your own voice and your own words.

Your obligation does not end there though, once you establish your evolving truth, you can send it out into the world, for the highest good of all. There are many ways and tools by which you can do this. Writing or speaking to others are the most obvious ways. Even if you cannot do these things, sending Light and higher energy out into the world, either through energy techniques or just plain the intention to do so, is taking care of your responsibility.

Think of the many ways to fulfill your responsibility as a keeper of Light, and to lift up the world with a better outcome for all.

Sending all of you much Love and pure Light.

I am Metatron.