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Remaining a spiritual person in a practical world required looking at things differently. It is possible to float through out lives, being guided by the Divine. Soon it becomes apparent that this works splendidly.

We Are Stars

Enough of Darwin and Newton, we must relinquish their theories and reach out into the unknown for new truths.

We are grateful to these men for the giant steps they took in their time, but now we are embarking upon the Quantum Age,

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Truth, What We Choose to Believe

Truth is what we choose to believe.

When entire planet of people believes something is true, it becomes collectively accepted. However, if one person does not consider it to be true then is it still absolutely true?

At some point in history, people began to believe that men were superior to women,

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Along Our Spiritual Path

Spirituality, what exactly does it mean?

We are all spiritual beings, each of us living our life purpose. As children, we learn the cultural and religious beliefs of our family, and in the process, some of our true nature is forgotten.

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Holistic Well-Being and Balance

Holistic has become a word, commonly used in everyday life. It refers to our complete being. A holistic approach to  living and well-being, implies that we consider and address all aspects of life, including health and happiness.

It also implies that we are directly involved in the holistic process,

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Sacred Seasons

BanffBanffFor ages, humanity has honored the Moon and Sun cycles, as markers of essential, sacred, geometric aspects of the passage of life on Earth. Cycles of the Moon, eclipses, equinoxes, and solstices are indisputably the same for all of us. Our spiritual paths are woven into these cycles.

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Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine


After eons of living in a system based on male superiority, the time has come when many, both male and female, are beginning to embrace the Divine Feminine, in order restore a balance within themselves and humanity.
It is being accomplished by letting go of beliefs,

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Maintaining the Highest Vibration by Thinking Positive Thoughts

IMG_0099IMG_0099Spiritual Growth, otherwise known as becoming enlightened, is the focus of each Master, living in the New Era. It is a constant process of increasing one’s energetic signature. Many variables can affect a person’s vibration. Emotional and environmental factors influence the Light Quotient, which determines one’s vibration.

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