Doors of Consciousness

On the path of ascension, there are many doors of consciousness, leading to new and higher vibrations. The energy of the collective consciousness may be on one side of a door, and a completely different vibration may exist on the other side.

Over time, when you begin to question and discover that certain things do not resonate with you the way they once did, you begin to remember what you know to be true and has been inside of you all along.

Do you sometimes feel surrounded by limitations, defining and hiding you from a significant part of your potential reality, as if those confines are keeping you from something? You begin to wonder how much more there is to life, and what is on the other side of the walls that are curbing your Spiritual journey.

Time to open a door.

As you begin to hold increased Light, it intensifies your awareness of the doors that are waiting to open, to lead you to higher levels of consciousness.

Finally, it is time. In your mind, you open a door. Once on the other side it appears to be the same as where you just stood, so you advance a bit further, to see what will change.

The door stays open, but you do not feel compelled to turn around and go back through it. Something about this side feels clearer and lighter. Life here is the same, but different. It feels better. You know that you can go back anytime, and occasionally you may peek at what you left behind, and sigh. You have ventured into The New Era. It is the next stop on a path to Enlightenment.

There are many doors in the infinite consciousness, just as there are many Spiritual Seekers. Everyone with the intention, will find the door that guides them to the next step on their individual path.

Once you open a door and pass through, you find that you are more empowered, you know things, information comes to you, from where you do not necessarily know, but you set your intention to find out. Then you realize that you do not have to find out, because the answers will present themselves, in good and perfect time.

A new vibration…

Your vibration changes in each new reality and you begin to recognize that you are becoming more enlightened. You respect the old ways of thinking, the ones you held while living in the collective consciousness, because they were part of your journey. You recognize that those ideas and beliefs, still held by many, are the ones that brought you to this new higher consciousness, and you are grateful for them, even though you do not resonate with them anymore.

And that is the key, you do not resonate with the truth that was once yours. You have a new outlook and you see things differently. You attract only those things that have life-sustaining vibrations. You are aware of the ways of the world, but you are energetically disconnected from the vibrations of these goings on.

Over time you notice that life is good, and all is well. You find others that have also walked through doors, and you realize that some of them are your Soul Family. It is a beautiful experience and continues to be, as each day brings in higher vibrations.

In The New Era, as you evolve and become more Enlightened, there is a higher energy in the messages that come through you. The Universe, and the beings that are aiding in your process of Enlightenment, know when you are ready to integrate increased vibrations.

As you proceed on your path of Enlightenment, there will be many doors of consciousess. Some will have new people waiting on the other side, and others will leave people behind. As your process of Conscious Human Evolution continues, it becomes easier to open new doors and see what awaits you on the other side.

A Message from Archangel Metatron …
Brought through by Wendy Ann Zellea, with Love and Light…

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