Embracing Your Power… and Using It

A message from Archangel Metatron…

You are on a spiritual path towards enlightenment. Along the way, you have become aware you are a powerful being. The more you embrace your power, the more it increases. Over time it can build up inside of you, until you determine how you are meant to use it.

There are many ways you may be enhancing your personal power already, without even being consciously aware you are doing so. Consider your spiritual practices, such as meditation, yoga, working with crystals, Reiki, and other energy work. All these modalities are raising you to augmented energetic levels. This allows you to transmit higher vibrations out into the world.

You may not be able to see the effects of your efforts, for they are not something to be measured, but rest assured, you are making a difference, with your conscious choice to do so.

Your power is expressed through your actions. You can have an effect on individuals or even large groups of people, depending on your activities. Perhaps you write a book that inspires others and may even change someone’s life for the better.

On a smaller, but not less important scale, you can smile at someone or do something kind, which will lift their spirits. It may encourage them to do the same for someone else. All because you took the time to make an effort. You did not have to, but you chose to, and that is using your power.

You have a voice. Your voice is a conscious physical expression of your thoughts, into the world. You have a message that the world is waiting to hear. Using your voice is the manifestation of your power. As your voice transmits truth, it can raise the vibration of those who hear it. You can enable others who are listening to be empowered by you.

What if I only speak to one person at a time, you may ask? One person matters. Each person matters. And when you speak your truth to that one person, your words take on a physical form, adding another dimension to your thoughts. Those words become woven into the fabric of the collective consciousness, thereby raising its vibration.

Speaking truth is not the same as speaking your opinion or even your belief. Truth is for the highest good of everyone.

Oh, but how can that make a difference, you ask, it’s only a few words? When you speak true wisdom, or utter words of kindness, you are creating a higher dimensional vibration that is much more powerful than other mundane expressions. It has an effect, and it matters, more than can be understood on a third dimensional scale.

Stepping out of the realm of trying to be powerful, and instead, having the belief and confidence that by contributing to the expansion of the higher consciousness that is evolving, you are powerful.

The spaces between your breaths connect you to the divine undefined essence of creation. Therefore, with every breath you take, you are inhaling the limitless possibilities of the universe. That is what fuels your power. It is life, it is sacred, and it is yours. Use it wisely and powerfully.

A Message from Archangel Metatron …

Brought through with Love and Light, by Wendy Ann Zellea…

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