Know Thyself

Sedona Nov 2014

Know Thyself, we are all familiar with the phrase that was spoken more than 1,000 years ago, but the profoundness of those words is a key element the Ascension process that we are experiencing now. Knowing ourselves is more than deciding what kind of ice cream we prefer or even what is our astrological sign, instead, it is the deep remembering of what has been forgotten, but not lost.
We are multi-dimensional beings, fragmented throughout creation and our task in this lifetime is to integrate as many of the fragments of ourselves into a unified new and improved version. We call this the Ascension Process and it is happening right now.

Many enlightened beings here on Earth are acknowledging other lifetimes they have known and remembering Light Beings with whom they work; it is naturally accepted amongst light workers and is an exciting and beneficial aspect of the journey of the Masters of our time, however there is another part of the Ascension process that is equally, if not more, important and that is knowing one’s self.

There is a part of us that knows everything that we have ever experienced in any lifetime, dimension or other form of existence that we, as dualistic citizens, may not be able to comprehend. In addition, that knowing also includes everything we require in all the infinite possibilities that are available to us; therefore, we have an unending source of wisdom at our disposal.

The process that lies before us is how to tap into this divine encyclopedic treasury. The answer begins with the phrase that has endured, because of the truth inherent within it…Know Thyself. Each of us has a purpose for this incarnation on Earth at this time. It is easier to see the purpose of others even if they have not made it known to themselves, but in order to solve the mystery of our own purpose for being here, we must first have the intention to do so.

After that, the excavation begins and like an archeologist at an ancient site, we begin to uncover, or remember, what has been forgotten, buried and hidden behind the veils. For you see, my dear ones, our Mastership already exists and is stored in our Sacred Mind, the vault that holds all our treasure. The key to unlock the door lies with our desire to become the highest self that is appropriate at any given moment. This process cannot be measured or compared to that of anyone else. It is ongoing, endless and seasoned with Love, giving us the courage and strength to continuously pursue our highest possibility. Once the journey begins, there is no notion of it ending, it becomes our purpose and our main activity in life, filling up the spaces surrounding our normal everyday activities and taking the place of more mundane aspects of our lives that have drifted out of site.

Take time to Know Thyself and to remember what has been forgotten. Become still, and listen. Only in the quiet, between breaths and in the place that is not waking and neither sleep is the wisdom of your Soul Self. Listen to the voice of guidance in your mind. It speaks to you throughout the day. When you are unsure of what to do, stop, listen, you will hear the answer and when you accept this guidance, your life will flow seamlessly and gracefully. Know Thyself and the wisdom that is You.