Living a Divine Life

Life is a Dance. Learn to move with the rhythm.

You are living a divine life in a new reality, created by the efforts of millions of individuals whose intention was to participate in the Ascension process. No matter what you have experienced so far, your divine life can start right now, all that is required is your intention for it to begin.

The first step is to believe that it is possible to live a divine life and then take the required action to make it your own. See that was easy, now wasn’t it? You have already gotten over the biggest hurdle of all, setting your intention.

Living a divine life begins with how you view and treat yourself and others. The same way you receive oxygen on an airplane before helping someone else, you must love and honor yourself in all aspects of your life, not allowing anything to compromise the integrity of the standard you have set.

Begin by showing gratitude for what you have, loving your life and those in it, loving your body and all the activities that fill your day, even those that are mundane. When you do this, you are ensuring that your life will always maintain the quality that you desire. Love your job, it provides you with the resources that support your lifestyle. Love your friends, they are the mirrors in which you can see your character. Love your enemies, they teach you lessons and allow you to remain steadfast in your values. Love yourself for living a divine life.

Life is an occasion, rise to it.

To live a divine life, embrace the concept of divinity and the way that it manifests in everyday life. Divinity is not something that is separate from you, because you are a spark of the divine. Every thought, action, or word that comes from you, is part of the creator aspect of yourself, so you can see how important it is to honor each facet of this power that you possess.

A thought, even one that will never be expressed is still part of your Light body, so you can see the importance of keeping your thoughts pure. It is essential for your energetic well-being, which in turn affects every aspect of you.

What if you discovered that when you have negative thoughts about yourself or others, they manifested as reality in other multidimensional incarnations? This is what happens. With that knowledge you can see how important it is to maintain the integrity of your thoughts.

It is known, and even acknowledged by mainstream science, that each person is connected to the whole of creation—or simply put, we are all in this together. Each human being is just as important and essential to life as the next and deserves the same Love and respect.

Everything that exists is an expression and a reflection of the Divine. Therefore, to continue living a divine life, look upon everything with Love. In other words, see its Divinity. This means accepting others the way they are and allowing them to fulfill their life’s purpose, just as you do yours. At times this can be extremely difficult, especially when you have the desire to help someone, because you have already learned what they have not, but do not attempt to impose your wisdom on others or deprive them of their life lessons. Instead, be an example.

Shine your light, so that others will know…that there is a light.

Living a Divine life includes accepting everyone, without judgment, criticism, or ridicule. You may have had similar lessons to learn on your journey. Just because you have gone farther, does not mean you are better or wiser, it is only an indication of the vibration of your Light body at the moment. In the past, your vibration may have been much different, and in other simultaneously existing dimensions, situations might even be reversed.

By living a Divine life your thoughts towards others remain positive, uplifting, and impeccable, just the same as your words. When living in a competitive society, where everyone is expected to give up their identity and embrace the beliefs of the culture, it may be difficult to change judgmental, assumptive ideas, but with practice you will find that doing so is refreshing and vitalizing.

Perceiving others with unconditional, divine Love changes your world and attracts people who are on the same journey as yourself, some are farther along and others by your side, but it is all as it should be.

Once we define, we lose the divine.

The universe consists of infinite possibilities. When you step into a divine life, you are stepping out of the unremarkable and into the place where life is good, and all is well. You do not see a world muffled in disorder, but rather a place of conscious human evolution, which sometimes includes events that are completely beyond the linear capabilities of understanding but are necessary for the shifts that are happening.

The Universe functions perfectly on an infinitely grand scale, so it certainly cannot be assumed that the events occurring here on Earth, which are labeled catastrophic and life changing for many, will upset the impeccable workings of the cosmos.

You are in the process of changing your thoughts and beliefs to higher vibrating ones, allowing you to transition gracefully through the Ascension process. Begin to look at the world, not as a place that is damaged, but rather as a place of wonder and perfection, filled with plants, animals, minerals and humans that are all on the same guided, evolutionary path right here on Mother Earth. See the beauty in everyone. Each person was once a little baby that was cooed and cuddled, and that being is still inside their body with a perfect, loving spirit just like yours. When you exist within the resonance of unconditional Love, then you are living a Divine life.

A Message from Archangel Metatron …

Brought through with Love and Light, by Wendy Ann Zellea…

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