A Divine Life


Anything that transcends our rational thought processes is difficult to define in words, especially when it is a force greater than we are. The very act of trying to conceptualize a deity, just to give ourselves comfort, is an exercise in futility, for as soon as we describe what that divine being is, we miss the mark.

Many are living under the illusion that they are separate from the Divine. They have taken the most important aspect of life and placed it into a physical form, separate from them, thereby removing themselves from the most fundamental part of their existence, and keeping it hidden beyond their reach, somewhere in the sky. 

The same way we may have become somewhat estranged from our Higher Selves; we can also become disconnected from divinity. We entered this world as a spark of divine creation, why then would we dissect ourselves into pieces and give some of them to a being from whom we must ask for little bits of what already belongs to us?

Instead, what we can do with our rational minds, is have a growing personal relationship with ourselves and become more aware of our limitless possibilities.

Once we define, we lose the divine.

If we define a divine being as all that is, then how can we worship an image or an idea? Shouldn’t we believe in everyone and everything? The concept and worship of external celestial deities has been going on for so long that it has become truth and reality, but the time has come to re-evaluate and update our belief systems. Only then can we truly experience a divine life.

Religion is often a controversial topic, because individual beliefs can become easily offended. Although I have never understood why, if someone genuinely believes in something, he or she should take offence by what another person says about it.

Our spiritual practices should provide us with the most happiness in life; therefore, it puzzles me why religion is so exceedingly serious and solemn instead of joyous and uplifting.

I am reluctant to embrace principles that separate people, so this makes it difficult for me to take part in organized religion. Instead, I prefer to believe in the celebration of the Divine in every living part of creation and all that defines it.

Our beliefs are correct for us, for they will either serve us or teach us, but it is important to decide what we truly believe, even if our attitudes change over time. 

A good starting point for the examination of our core principles, is the realization that we are not all born sinful beings. If we lived in a perfect paradise and knew that the only thing we had to do to remain there was not to eat a particular piece of fruit from a special tree, does it seem likely that we would? I mean, come on, and to make matters worse, it is the fault of a woman that we are all suffering, because she tempted the man to eat from the forbidden apple tree. Excuse me, but didn’t he know better, if such a tale could possibly be true? Wouldn’t it have been prudent for him to say, Eve, let’s have pears for dinner, dear.

Yet, we speak of this incident as if it actually happened in recorded history. I would sooner believe that the fall of humanity occurred when inequality between man, woman, and nature began, resulting in an imbalance on earth. Now it is time to find the way back to a world based on respect for life.

We are here on Earth to live a Divine life. Does it sound like a fairy tale? Perhaps it seems so distant that it will never be part of our reality in this day and age, and instead must be classified as a state of mind, only available to mystics and men sitting in caves in the Himalayas or on mountain tops in Peru. However, a divine life is our legacy, the only thing that stands between living it and not, is our vibration.

No matter what kind of life we had up until this moment, our divine life can start right now. The first step is to believe that it is possible to live a divine life and then we must have the intention to make it our own. See, that was easy, now wasn’t it? We have already gotten over the biggest hurdle of all, changing what we accept as truth. 

A Divine life begins with how we view and treat ourselves, practicing Love and honor in all aspects of life, and not allowing even one moment or action to compromise the integrity of the standard of excellence we have established for ourselves.

We can begin by showing gratitude for what we have already received, loving our life and those in it, caring for our body, and enjoying all the activities that fill our day. When we do this, we are ensuring that our life will always be lifted to the standard we have set for ourselves.

When we Love our job, it provides us with the income that supports the lifestyle we desire. When we Love our friends, they are the mirrors in which we see our character. When we Love our enemies, they teach us lessons and allow us to strengthen our values. Then we can Love ourselves for living a Divine life.

To live a divine life, we must embrace the concept of Divinity, and the way that it manifests everyday. We are all connected, or simply put, we are all in this together. Each of us is just as important and essential to life as everyone else, so we must give each person the same Love and respect. That is the essence of divinity, to see that everything that exists is an expression and a reflection of the Divine.

To continue living a Divine life, we must look upon everything with Love. This means accepting others the way they are and allowing them to fulfill their life’s purpose, just as we do ours. At times this can be extremely difficult, especially when we have the desire to help someone because we have already learned what they have not, but we should not attempt to impose our wisdom on others, or deprive them of their lessons. Instead, we can be an example and a Bringer of Light. By doing so, we will be providing others with the opportunity to see us shine.

Life is an occasion, rise to it.

Loving, means viewing others without judgment, criticism, or ridicule. We might have been the same way as they are, at another part of our journey. Just because we have gone farther, does not mean we are better or wiser, it is only an indication of the current vibration of our Light Body. There are other moments when our vibration might have been much different and in other simultaneously existing dimensions, things might even be reversed. 

When living a Divine Life, our thoughts towards others remain positive, uplifting, and impeccable, just the same as our words. Changing judgmental, assumptive ideas, which are the result of living in a competitive society where everyone is expected to give up much of their identity and adopt the beliefs of the culture, can be difficult. However, with practice, we find that doing so is refreshing and vitalizing.

Perceiving others with unconditional love, changes our world and attracts people who are on the same journey as ourselves, some are farther along and others by our side, but it is all as it should be.

As we step into a Divine Life on our journey of Conscious Human Evolution, we are moving into a place where life is good, and all is well. We do not see a world that is damaged, but instead we see a place where there is potential for us to raise our consciousness. After all, we live in a universe that functions perfectly on an infinitely grand scale, so we certainly cannot assume that events that are occurring here on Earth, will upset the impeccable workings of the cosmos.

Our mission now is to let go of the current reality with which we no longer resonate and change our thoughts and beliefs to higher vibrating ones, allowing us to gracefully evolve into higher aspects of ourselves. This transition is inevitable, already in progress, and cannot be postponed for another day.

As we begin to look at the world as a place of wonder and perfection, filled with plants, animals, minerals, and people that are all on the same guided, evolutionary path, we see the beauty in everyone and everything.

Each person was once a little baby that was cooed and cuddled. That being is still inside their body with a perfect, loving spirit just like ours. Our higher dimensional self knows only truth and unconditional Love. As we connect to this part of us, and make it our intention to be surrounded by the energy of Love and Light, then we are living a Divine Life.
A Message from the Higher Realms …
Brought through with Love and Light by Wendy Ann Zellea

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