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Copy of Quan at SunsetNow what? You have embraced many spiritual teachings, learned healing modalities, kept up with cutting edge, esoteric discoveries and remained positive and uplifted. All your efforts have been helpful in understanding the realities that lie before the community of Lightworkers, now living in the New Era, but true Masterhood is more than just learning, it is Being. Imagine, for example, you learn to play every chord on the guitar, but still cannot play a song. What is the true purpose of gathering information? It is not just to be more knowledgeable. There was a time when information was not so readily available as it is today and therefore it was useful to commit as much to memory as possible. Now, however, all information is available on the Internet. A person may experience a sound healing or other type of healing session just by going on You Tube. So then, how can all this knowledge be put to use? That is what being a Master is all about—living in the essence of all you have learned.

What exactly is a Master? Think about the great Masters that have walked the Earth, what made them different from those around them, who recognized their specialness? It was not how much spiritual knowledge they had, but the balance they had created in their lives and the kindness and compassion they showed others. In fact, when they are remembered, it is for the simplest human characteristics, which they did not overlook, but instead, held them as the highest, most revered aspects of the human experience. The explanation that has been given over the ages is that these beings were divine. Lightworkers recognize that everyone is divine, so that cannot be all there is to being a Master. The Masters that walked the Earth were human, so there must have been something else that made them stand out from the crowd—and in fact, there was. They were Avatars.

Before going any further, it is important to understand how the energy on Earth works in relation to humanity. To begin, understand that all knowledge, Akashic records and history of all lifetimes of each individual resides in the DNA of each person. It is located in the 97% of DNA that is labeled junk by modern science. The Higher Self of each person also is imbedded in the DNA, which is why connecting with your Higher Self is the first step in the Conscious Human Evolutionary process. Becoming your Higher Self is the Rite of Passage into Masterhood. Similarly, the combined energy of all humans that have ever lived on Earth is stored in the esoteric Crystalline grid of the Earth. Power spots, which exist by Grace, bring forth a continuous influx of higher energy. These places help to stabilize the Earth’s overall vibration. The Crystalline Grid, however, responds to and records the energy of humanity as a whole. This is obvious to anyone who observes the condition of the human race compared to that of the Earth’s surface.

Since December of 2012, conditions took a quantum leap, changing the delicate balance of the entire Earth/Human ecosystem to a positive aspect, rather than a negative one. This was a result of the arrival of the New Era. Yes, the New Era did arrive, very unexpectedly too. Now, Lightworkers are living in two dimensions at once. It can be compared to a Vesica Piscis or the intersection of two circles that partially overlap. One circle is the last age and one is the New Era. The middle part is where Lightworkers are now. Eventually only the New Era circle will be the reality on Earth, until the next age comes along that is.

An Avatar is a being whose vibration is so high that it raises that of humanity, just by their being alive on Earth. What makes the vibration high is the amount of DNA that is activated in that individual. The Masters that have walked the Earth, Jesus, Buddah, St. Germian we all operating with access to much more of their DNA than most people alive today. When this happens, the amount of Light that is being generated by people, which, if you remember, is integrated in to the Crystalline Grid, raises the vibration of humanity as a whole. It keeps the human race from sinking so low that it could no longer continue. So in essence, when it is said that Jesus was a savior, from a certain point of view he was. Just by being on Earth, in the full human capacity, so that all humanity could see what was possible, he brought with him the lift that was needed at the time. In addition, the Admon Kadmon blueprint of mankind and womankind, better known as the human template, was realigned to an updated version. It’s rather like going from Human 2.0 to Human 3.0.

So you see, Dear Lightworker, it is your job now to be the Master. You might respond by saying that your DNA is not activated to the level of a Master. The answer to that is, it is. Granted your DNA is not 100% activated, but it is, due to all the work you have done, activated enough to make you a Master. The best part is that there are so many Light workers now, that the effect is one that is taking the Human Race far beyond what it has yet experienced and the potential for many Masters simultaneously walking the Earth, will take humanity exponentially into a Golden Age.

On the practical side, what can you do today? Continue what you have been doing, for your spiritual journey IS the process of activating your DNA. Do not be impatient, because it must be done in good and perfect time. There is a force that must be gently dealt with. That force is the vibration of the collective consciousness that currently exists on Earth. The process of Ascension is a process of learning to increase awareness and consciousness, facilitating the process by not pushing against the mass cloud of thought forms created by humanity. Instead, proceed with Love, just passing by what is around you. Those not involved will not pay attention, because is not visible to the naked eye, yet transformation is surely occurring. The results become apparent over time, as Lightworkers become happier, healthier and younger looking. It’s called rejuvenation. When it is finally noticed, others may wonder why.

Some may ask, in which way might the belief system of the New Age unfold? There will be spirituality, yes, but it will be combined with science, for they are one and the same in their pure form. both having the purpose of explaining reality,  “Oh no they are not,” many might argue. It is an understandable view, considering the direction science has taken in the past, but even now, science is beginning to let go of the scientific ego and when that happens, a deeper and more accurate understanding of the workings of the universe, the galaxy and even the human mind and body are emerging.

It will soon be understood that what was believed to be absolutely true, was in fact only a stepping stone towards finding a higher truth. See, dear ones, there is no absolute truth. There are laws, that do not change, but truth and understanding are only means of living according to the laws. One such law is Love. There will always be universal Love. It is the reason for life. Without Love, there can be nothing. But there are so many kinds of Love, you may say. No, there is only one kind of Love and when it is experienced then you will know that it is true and the rest is all a failed attempt at Love. Love is the reason that there is life in the universe, so when you look at it as such, it expresses the meaning of what Love really is.

The accomplishment of the Master is that they are balanced.  As a result of this, they move with the rhythm of life, because rhythm, by its very nature is balanced. A Master is in the flow and because of this they are connected to Source and receive divine inspiration continuously, whenever it is needed. So, to the average person they appear to be superhuman, divine and able to perform miracles. It is the purity of their spirit, a purity far greater than those around them, which allows them to walk the Earth as a Master. This, Dear Lightworker, is your legacy—embrace it.

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