New Ascension Messages

New Ascension Messages

Many of us have become aware that we are living in a new energetic hologram. Those of us that are experiencing this new energy, are bringing through messages containing information that will make the transition into this uncharted territory easier for all of us. Some messages seem to be saying similar things in different ways, but the underlying codes are the same. There is a reason that a particular theme is brought through in many forms at the same time.

Each of these messages has its own distinct pattern and essential value to those resonating with it. Beliefs that no longer serve, have been lingering for hundreds and, in some cases, thousands of years. By holding on to these irrelevant doctrines, it makes it more difficult for us to create new ones. Operating systems are updated on computers on a regular basis, yet religions and customs that are archaic, and no longer relevant, are still maintained, practiced, and have not fundamentally changed.

Sometimes, what we hold to be true, is based on obscure translations of ancient texts. In addition, almost all accepted theology is based on ideas that were developed ages ago. It seems as if we are incapable of bring forth any new wisdom. Even though our society is dominated by archaic belief systems, we claim that it is the most advanced the Earth has ever seen. Much has changed in the world, and now we must bring through new ideas and beliefs, which reflect an emerging consciousness.

We are living the New Era. We are able to inhabit a fantastic reality, as the awareness of our place in the Universe expands. Channeled messages come through our Higher Selves from a variety of Higher sources, with the purpose of bringing new information that can be used to create updated belief systems. For this to happen, the message must pass from the Higher Realms, though our Higher Self, then it can be written or spoken. As we channel, we must strive to maintain the highest Light Quotient possible, so that we maintain the impeccability of the message, and preserve its essence. There is no room for our personal interpretation of these channeled message, for what we are truly bringing forth are codes.

Each letter in a language has a vibration. Every combination of letters that make up words, creates another unique vibration. The merging of all the vibrations makes up the codes inherent within the language of each channeled message. The manner in which we present the message may take many forms. It is possible for several of us to bring the same codes through, expressed in similar, yet unique, ways. Sometimes the codes are intended to be available to many, and other times, to just some of us. Therefore, it is possible that a particular message may be channeled by a person who is in communication with large numbers of people or another who perhaps is in contact with a smaller group, who are meant to receive a more advanced version of the code. Whatever the scenario, it is all as intended.

Our responsibility, as channelers, is to receive information from the Higher Realms and transmit it to the Third Dimension. It is that simple. We may bring the same information through more than once. This is an important part of channeling, because timing is everything. The message may take on new meaning at different times. This is why the wisdom of the Ancients still has relevance. Look Within, a quote that has surfaced many times, through the ages, has taken on a different meaning in the New Era. There are powerful codes in the phrase, Look Within.

The primary purpose of channeled messages is to enhance and reprogram our DNA, so that our Light Body will be compatible with the new energy on Earth. The same way that we update software on our computers, we are also updating our Light Body. As a result, we are able to process higher vibrations of Light. Just as the ancients had wisdom and knowledge, that was essential in their time, we also have an impeccable source of guidance.

The wisdom of antiquity is beautiful, spiritually invigorating, and very well might have been channeled from the same Higher Beings that are currently sending relevant information through to us. Ancient and traditional concepts that are relevant today, have been preserved and assimilated into the New Era. Now, the impossible must be imagined as possible, stepping beyond the apparent shall be our goal, and integrating miracles into ordinary reality our reward. Only by doing so can we advance beyond the mundane existence that the world has experienced for thousands of years.

As we embrace the channeled information that is coming through, we step beyond science and the accepted spiritual and intellectual belief systems that have enveloped us. By doing so, we become aware that we are amazing beings. Discovering the messages that resonate with us, embracing them, and feeling ourselves gracefully rising to new heights as a Masters is the process of Conscious Human Evolution.

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