Re-Aligning to the New Energy


As you venture into the vibrations of the new era, you are aligning with intensifying cosmic energies. Changes in the overall vibrations of the Earth and beyond are happening on a regular basis.

These changes may be the result of astrological cycles, such as planets aligned or in retrograde, cosmic changes, such as solar storms that disturb the energy on Earth, or changes to the Earthly environment.

You may find that there are times when you feel different, not understanding why, and for no apparent reason. Energetic changes can result in ascension symptoms, which you feel in your body or even your emotional state. You may feel overly tired, anxious, or have other physical imbalances, as your energy shifts.

So, what exactly are ascension symptoms? As you follow your path of spiritual growth, you are raising your vibration, letting go of old programming, and integrating new codes. As you do, both your etheric and physical bodies are transforming into new levels of consciousness.

For example, when you were a child, you lived in the dimension of a child. Your reality then was as valid as it is now. The years passed, your body grew, your intellect increased, and your world was altered. The same is true now as you move through various phases of your adult world, and your Light body continues to transform.

When you integrate new energy, your Light configuration is recalibrating, and you are moving to a more enlightened state, holding more Light. While energy levels blend and fade into one another, changes are usually imperceptible. Other times they are more noticeable.

You may be detoxifying, as you release old thought patterns and beliefs, letting go of old energy, or reacting to external energetic events affecting your physical body. Your Light body is also adjusting, as it performs essential fine-tuning. It is energy work that causes you to go through the changes and energy work that will make you feel better.

Going through this process, you can find yourself in new states of consciousness that you have not yet experienced. It is helpful to remember that a significant amount of energy has been released, and new energy has been brought in, which can make you feel depleted.

To replenish your life force energy, spend time nurturing yourself and focusing on your heart center and the vibration of Love. Be a gentle observer. Perhaps revisit the most fundamental teachings of your spiritual beliefs and re-evaluate them with your updated consciousness.

Once the ascension symptoms diminish, you will feel refreshed and have a sense that you have undergone personal and spiritual growth. Express gratitude for your progress and know that all you have done will benefit not only you, but also the world. Soon you will become acclimated to your new vibration, the discomfort will vanish, and you will be an enhanced version of the divine being of Light that you are.