Sacred Sites

Sacred Sites hold a higher energy than other places on Earth. There are many factors that contribute to a location being a Sacred Site. Water or minerals, both above and below the ground, ley lines, geomantic landscape, and manmade structures are all ingredients that affect the energy of a place.

However, not all Sacred Sites have structures built on them and it is not the structure that necessarily makes the site sacred. For example, millions of people have visited Stonehenge and the Giza pyramids, but what some may not realize is that the spot where those structures stand, was sacred even before anything was there.

So then, what makes such places sacred? The Earth energies below the site and the relationship to universal coordinates all create an environment that, often can lift and rejuvenate a person. It can also contribute to the spiritual evolution of one who connects with the energy. In other words, there is a recognizable and discernibly unique vibration that is acknowledged by those who resonate with it, and are drawn to it, while consciously aware it is only attainable at that, or another such, place.

Why then, were structures built at Sacred Sites? Good question. Eons ago, this planet was inhabited by beings that were more advanced than those that are here now. Perhaps they were only visiting, but whatever their residential status, they built a worldwide, intelligently designed, network of structural grids, using telluric and celestial energies. The grid served as a load balancer, the purposed being to keep the Light Quotient of the Earth and its inhabitants at a coherent, energetic level.

Buildings and other stone structures were not just plopped here or there arbitrarily, rather, there was a well thought out plan. This is why, similar architecture can currently be found in places that are far removed from one another. It can be verified when one looks at a world map of sites that either currently exist, have been physically discovered, or those that have been only detected by sonar or infrared technology, or Google maps.

After events, whether cataclysmic or climactic, destroyed or buried many of the sites, the spell, so to speak, was broken, and the vibration of the inhabitants that remained, began to lower. As a result, the memory of how to use the Ascension Chambers was transformed into myth, and the chambers, which previously had been used for purposes of Ascension, were then thought to be only burial places for royalty. Even today, in Sedona, Arizona, some of the enlightened, visionary locals are able to see souls ascending from Thunder Mountain, which they have affectionately dubbed Ascension Mountain. In the New Era, the evidence is reappearing.

Modern archeologists or spiritual seekers cannot so easily decipher the scheme that was devised, so long ago. First of all, many of the structures have been destroyed, used for building material, or still remain buried in the ground or in the ocean. Another drawback is that modern construction might be built on top of a Sacred Site. As new discoveries are made, the puzzle is becoming less of an enigma. Whether there was just one network or many is also now the job of modern, forward-thinking archeologists.

Reconstructing the original grid, if that were even possible, would not necessarily hold the same significance or purpose today, since ancient landmasses have been transformed over time. In fact, the goal should not be to recreate what once was, but rather to learn, from what remains, with the purpose of constructing a modern, more relevant grid to create a better life on Earth

However, it may not be essential to completely recreate the energetic network, or networks, that once existed. Perhaps it was for that time and not this one—and perhaps not. Either way, the good thing is that humanity has entered the New Era. There are alternative means of raising one’s vibration and consequently that of the entire civilization.

In the meantime, there are many Sacred Sites to visit, or even connect with remotely. Sedona, Arizona is a place where no man made structures were needed, because nature did the job herself. Avebury, England is a magnificent stone temple, created by the exact placement of enormous stones. What one should keep in mind is the function that the stone has in the energetic signature of these sites. Even when not at a so-called Sacred Site, much energy can be felt from stones, the intensity of which may depend on the particular mineral composition. When a person sits on a large stone, even in the city, it can be invigorating.

Some stones contain quartz, which can be programmed by intent and other methods. Other minerals have similar or other energy-altering properties. When an entire structure is built of stone or when stones are arranged in Sacred Geometric patterns, the energy can be amplified, but most importantly, it can be stored in the consciousness of the stone. Yes, even rocks are conscious! Perhaps in the future the mystery of the ruins will be unraveled. Masters will continue to be drawn to Sacred Sites, and that is their magic.