The Autumnal Equinox – 2014

Autumn equinox 2013_grid_HuicholThe Autumn Equinox is a day of balance—the day is the same length as the night. Gentleness abounds and the equality of day and night signifies that no conflict exists. Seasons change and the harsh sun of the summer is now a gentle warming, welcome glow.
Take the time to feel the balance in your life, the strength of the Divine Masculine and the gentle compassion of the Divine Feminine. Understand that power and strength come from kindness and grace. Practice both giving and taking in your relationships so that all involved can have a sense of fulfillment in the interactions you share.
At this time, be gentle with yourself. Balance the different aspects of your life: work, relaxation, exercise and rest. Extend this to your diet as well. Eat what is healthy, but also make sure you enjoy what you eat. There is something to be said for the pleasure aspect of food.
As always, surround yourself with beauty. Create beauty in every aspect of your life, for beauty is Divine. Once you make this a requirement for yourself, you will find that everything in your life is beautiful, for that is the aspect upon which you will be focusing. See the beauty in others. If you notice something about another person that you can compliment upon, take the opportunity to do so. Most often, even a small, genuine compliment will raise the Light Quotient of another significantly.
My mother told me a story about a morning when she was taking her daily walk. She passed a nicely dressed woman in the street and stopped to compliment her on how we’ll she looked. The woman replied, Oh, you don’t know how much that means to me. I live alone and no one ever tells me I look nice.
After that day, my mother explained to me, I always spoke something nice to a person if it was genuine. And this is what is known as gentle power, the same power that exists in a smile, for when you smile at a person or acknowledge them, you are determining their responsive behavior. That is true power, but when done from the heart, is also Love.
The fruits of the harvests and the warm spices and colors are celebrated and savored. Gratitude abounds. Give thanks for all you have accomplished and received and the gifts yet to come. You will appreciate your blessings as the colder, darker months approach for they will light up your life. Look upon this time as the season of plenty and abundance. Carry this warm feeling, created by the gifts of Gaia throughout the season and on into the seasons to come.

The representation of the Sun and Moon in equality is a handmade, beaded work of art made by the Huichol Native Indians of Mexico.