The Beauty of Calm

When you look around and see the hustle and bustle of life, you may wonder why it is so. Was it always this way, and will it remain a continuous race to the never to be attained finish line?

On the other hand, you may have already achieved a more optimal way to live, quietly, serenely, peacefully, and calmly.

The Calm is within you. Once you find it, and embrace it as your own, it belongs to you. You can live in its essence and move in its grace. It becomes the fluid container in which you travel through your day, surrounded with a layer of bliss and tranquility.

Calm is the realm of the observer, the place from which wellness exudes, and peace reigns. It is the default natural state of each person. In any situation, it is the circumstance best suited for survival and success. It it the starting point for achieving a desired outcome.

When you are calm, you are poised to receive both internal and external guidance. Your channels to the higher realms are clear, and the pathway to your inner guidance is unimpeded. You remain in an intuitive state of being.Embracing Calm

Calm down, is the advice given when someone is in a situation where calmness would be most advantageous. As soon as they compose themselves from an agitated state, they are able to proceed in an effective way.

Embracing Calmness is best achieved through the intention to do so. It is a spiritual endeavor, which when accomplished, renders you the ability to live in a walking meditation.

But embracing Calmness is only the beginning of the undertaking, for it is a work in progress that becomes enhanced as you go forward. You will be able to calmly face daily activities, and even challenges, in a fluid manner…cool, calm, and collected.

Even in intense situations, remaining calm will guide you to the best course of action, thereby allowing you to participate to the extent to which you have control over the situation, and guiding you to not become emotionally invested in situations in which you have no power.

This is especially important, regarding external events that do not directly involve you. Even though everything that occurs, affects everyone energetically, the most beneficial thing you can do, is make sure that your energetic signature is kept at the highest level. You can do this my remaining in the Calm. After that, you will be poised to proceed in following your guidance. 

The Beauty of Calm, is that it is yours. All that is required is to embrace and nurture it, and when you do, your Calmness will radiate out into the world. People will notice that quality within you, and admire and be inspired by it.

You will be a living example of the Beauty of Calm.

A Message from Beings of Light in the Higher Realms …

Brought through with Love and Light, by Wendy Ann Zellea…

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