The Beauty of It All

We see only beauty, so for us that is all there is. When you place your focus on the exquisiteness of the planet on which you live, and the life that exists, you will most certainly be in awe of the magnificence of such a creation.

Imagine the genius behind the perfectly orchestrated, self-sustaining design of life. How fortunate to be alive to experience it.

Have you ever just been thankful you lived in a time in which you had a particular experience? Think of the odds that you would be in a certain place at the exact moment, just so you could participate in that life event. The miracle is that it could have transpired an infinite number of ways, but it did not.

Everything has occurred so that you could be here now, living the life that you have. It is magical. The beauty of it, is that you are part of the flow of consciousness that evolves constantly and perfectly. There are no mistakes, only process and unfolding, and regeneration and continuation. That is life.

The Love you create generates from, and connects you to, the guiding, nurturing spirit within you. It fills and surrounds you with the Light of life. As this Light becomes brighter, you begin to send it out into the world. You are a conduit for higher and finer energy, embracing only what is beautiful.

As such, your thoughts and words reflect the beauty within you, and you use them to create the divine aspects of life.

Your focus remains on the sublime, for that is truth. Your actions express that truth, so that your genuine self can be shown to the world unabashedly.

Surround yourself with beauty, so that your life is an alter and you are in a living meditation. Your environment is the physical expression of your heart center. As you cultivate the Love within you, you increase the beauty in your life.

Beauty is surely in the eye of the beholder.

You are the beholder. When you focus on the inherent beauty of a person or place, that aspect becomes vibrant and energized. You are uplifted, and your spirit becomes more enlightened. You are experiencing a moment in a Golden Era.

There is beauty in everything and everyone, perhaps in varying degrees, but that loveliness is what matters.  When you look for splendor, it will show itself. The magnificence of loving relationships, kindness, and genuine caring are the gifts that lie before you. You only have to embrace them, and they are yours to have, to hold, and to share.

A Message from Archangel Metatron, Brought through with Love and Light, by Wendy Ann Zellea…

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