The Garden of Eden

Chalice Garden

There is a world where life is good, and all is well, and it is right here on Earth. It exists beyond a thin, transparent veil of conscious perception that despite its fragility, has power greater than a thick lead wall for those who live within it.

I am not speaking of a fantasy place on another planet or in a different time, it is right here and right now. We live on a wonderful, rapidly evolving planet, full of fascinating people and places, but we must lift the clouds of illusion that we have grown to accept, and learn to see life as it really is.

In an infinite and abundant universe, inhabited by enlightened, intelligent beings, on a beautiful place such as the Earth, we are not meant to suffer. We have fashioned our world and taken a few wrong turns, but the time has come for us, as luminous life forms, to get back on the journey we came here to experience.

Our purpose, is lifting the vibration of others by raising our own.

Life is amazing and wonderful, but only if we believe it to be so. I not only believe it, I know it. The reason I know it to be true, is because I see it daily. I feel as though I am the luckiest person alive. I exist with the purpose of lifting the vibration of others, by raising my own. I am a Light-Bringer, one of many, downloading an increased influx of higher vibrating energies into our world.

Even in the most dismal times in my life, I always believed that everything would work out well, and it did. Today I know everything transpires perfectly, and each part of my life is just the way I would like it. Of course, there is always room for improvement, always another book to write, and continued personal growth, but now it is without struggle.

While people are bemoaning the economy, health issues, relationship problems, and emotional upheaval, I am sailing by in my world of happiness and peace. It might sound selfish to some, but the reality I have chosen does not include taking part in the negativity of those around me and the culture in which I live.

We are connected to everything in the Universe and beyond, so when we raise our energy level as much as possible, the vibration of everything else is elevated as well.

I have opted to take part in the Process of Conscious Human Evolution that is ushering us into The New Era. As we venture forth into uncharted realms, where thoughts manifest quickly, it is essential to become impeccable, both in thought and deed.

Life occurs seamlessly when we tune into the infinite supply of guidance available to us in the form of perceptionand feelings. When we increase our level of awareness, by using perception and then follow up by listening to our feelings, everything is as it should be. When we do not, we learn lessons.

There is a channeled source of guidance available to each of us, a divine flow of energy from our Higher Selves and beyond, intended to help us through life. Once we learn to take notice of this guidance, and then go a step further and begin to listen to it, we become aware that any resistance we are experiencing, melts away and the path becomes clear.

We are multi-dimensional beings.

 We are defined by the combination of physical, emotional, etheric, and spiritual aspects of our existence, as well as all the other parts that are outside the scope of our rational understanding, both here on Earth, on other planets, solar systems, and dimensions.

Dimensions can be large and expansive, stretching out to the far reaches of the universe, or they may exist in realms that are smaller than our mind can comprehend.

I am not conscious of every lifetime I have experienced, perhaps there have been many. Nor am I aware of every aspect of my multi-dimensional existence, but I have become aware of many things along the way. This knowing comes to me as I place my focus inward towards the essence of my being, allowing my higher consciousness to expand. Answers to everyday questions, important life decisions, and changes to belief systems come to me, as necessary. The Garden of Eden is not a geographical place, it is a way of life that is of our own making.

A Message from the Higher Realms …
Brought through with Love and Light by Wendy Ann Zellea

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