The High Road

Spiritual Growth, otherwise known as becoming Enlightened, is the purpose of your lifetime here on Earth. It is the answer to the question many ask, why am I here.

The path to Enlightenment is a continuous process of increasing your energetic signature. Your overall vibration, which may fluctuate from moment to moment, is determined by emotional, environmental, and energetic influences, the sum of which is your Light Quantification.

Think Positive Thoughts, Speak Positive Words, Focus on Positive Things.

You still have spiritual work to do. This does not necessarily mean learning something new. You have gone through the phase of acquiring esoteric knowledge and modalities already. You have learned much on your journey.

Now is the time to use what you have integrated for the greater good for all. Create your rituals, keep them alive, and maintain the higher energy to send out into the world.

The Higher Beings are asking for your assistance. By keeping your vibration high, they are more able to work with you and through you. It’s a team effort.

Make sure your thoughts and words are your own. Only speak your inner truth.

Focus on what you resonate with. Be aware of vibrations that change. Just because you were drawn to something or someone once, does not mean you always will be.

It is human nature to seek out the energy that resonates with you. In other words, like attracts like.

Positive thoughts and words are life-sustaining, they create an environment for spiritual growth and well-being.

Speaking positive words and thinking uplifting thoughts, is the first and most basic step in your spiritual journey. By doing so, you are creating a vibration that resonates with the human heartbeat, which in turn resonates with the heartbeat of the Universe.

When you are relaxed, meditating, listening to beautiful music, or doing energy work, you experience the higher vibrations of life. You can then carry this calmness out into the world. It will create a buffer zone around you, keeping your vibration high.

In a positive energetic state, the flow of Light increases, resulting in an overall feeling of well-being. The more positive energy and Light that is brought into your energy body, the more you can become aware of higher vibrations and dimensions.

You exist in many dimensions, but your being occupies only one point on the Universal Grid. From this point your consciousness may expand both outward and inward, in an infinite number of dimensions, allowing you to experience unique aspect of spirituality.

Perhaps you might see orbs or sense a Light Being in their energy field. This happens when you are having experiences outside of ordinary reality. These perceptions are part of your innate capabilities, for there is more to life than linear space and time.

As you raise your vibration, the connection to your higher guidance becomes stronger and clearer. The voice of the Higher Self will hear the inspiration from the Higher Beings, which will lead you towards the best outcome, and your more Enlightened self.

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This message, from the Beings of Light in the Higher Realms, is channeled. It is written as intended. If you share, please do not change the content. And please give credit to Wendy Ann Zellea.