The Joy of Wasting Time on a Spiritual Journey

A Spiritual Journey
Chalice Garden

A Spiritual journey is one taken with no road map. We proceed fearlessly, with guidance that comes from a place to which we have not yet been. And even though we do not know what lies ahead or even sometimes how to proceed, we keep going, without even knowing why. We only know that we must.

 Yet there are times when we feel stuck, as though there is no progress. It is then that we are on a plateau, a resting place, a time for reflection, gentle growth, and re-evaluation. It is an important part of the Ascension Process.

Feeling stuck is a great spiritual accomplishment.

It gives us time to integrate new energies and become more aware of our path of Spiritual growth. It is an intermission, an interlude, a time of passage, while we ready ourselves for what lies ahead.

If we find ourselves feeling guilty about not being productive, or frustrated by the pause in our momentum, we are presented with an opportunity to learn how not to feel that way, and instead, to honor the processes we are experiencing, and understand how to embrace the path we are on.

Take a vacation any time.

Occasionally, I take a day, even when I am at home, and pretend like I am on vacation. I go out for breakfast or lunch, take a walk, go shopping, or do whatever I feel like doing. The best part is that I do not believe I have to justify wasting the time, because I am not. I do not always have to be doing something that I consider productive, and I do not have to defend doing nothing, because to me, wasting time is a spiritual endeavor.

When we waste time, without guilt, we are integrating new energy, which is uplifting and revitalizing. We feel relaxed and contented. It is the height of luxury. It does not make sense to call it wasting time or doing nothing, because we are in a place where we can accomplish extraordinary things, connect with innovative ideas and higher realms, and look within to find our true inner wisdom. Perhaps it’s better to call it paid time off. It sounds so much more graceful…

A Message from the Higher Realms …
Brought through with Love and Light by Wendy Ann Zellea

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