The Path of Higher Consciousness

Shaman's CaveChanges in the energy of the Earth are influenced by those on the Path of Higher Consciousness, assisted by the Higher Beings, and allowing the Ascension Process to unfold gracefully.

As a result of climate change, large quantities of ancient, frozen water are melting and being re-introduced into the environment. One of the properties of water is that it remembers the energy signature of everything it comes contact with, even when that substance is no longer found in the water.

Ancient water was frozen, holding the energy of Atlantis, Lemuria, and other civilizations that once existed here on Earth. It may even contain the energy of days gone by, days that were more peaceful, when those inhabiting the Earth were living in harmony with Gaia. Tales of Shangri La, Fairy Tales, Myths, and legends of an Earthly paradise remain in the collective human memory and artists have recorded these days gone by for all to see.

The energy of the Higher Beings is once agin filling the interspaces of Gaia. It is the Light along the Path of Higher Consciousness.