The Ritual of Life


A ritual is a sequence of actions that are performed to achieve a desired outcome. There are many types of rituals. In fact, from a certain point of view, life itself is a ritual. In the New Era, Masters have once again become aware of the value of integrating consciously designed, spiritually oriented, rituals into their daily life. Meditation, healing modalities, walking in nature, working with crystals, and a variety of other actions are intended to enhance, contribute to, and accelerate a person’s spiritual journey.

 This is why religious rituals are incorporated into the practice of worship, but a ritual is not meant to be a static event or it becomes stale. Instead, it should be dynamic and in harmony with the vibration at the time, so that it lifts one to a higher place. Therefore, the rituals that you practice might change, and new ones may replace those you did in the past. On the other hand, some that have been set aside can again become relevant and practiced again.

For example, many Masters begin their path with a Reiki practice. As spiritual growth progresses, they may feel as though Reiki was too elementary for them. Over time, as they become even more enlightened, they might come to realize that since they are still living in a three-dimensional body, Reiki can be very useful for the physical form. In fact, when they return to the practice of Reiki, they find that the amount of Life Force Energy that they are channeling has greatly increased.

Each time the same ritual is performed, it is not really the same, for you are different and you are always the most essential component. Most likely, the manner in which you perform the ritual varies slightly, as it is being custom tailored for your energetic needs. Different Guides or Angels may be asked to be present. Crystals, used to increase the vibration of the ritual, can vary.

The energy of each aspect of a ritual becomes an entity in itself, generating a unique set of codes. Fueled by intention, an event is born that has its own distinct, highly vibrating energy, capable of achieving a desired result, like healing, or just a creating a relaxing environment. Each element of the ritual is like a piece of a puzzle that is being reconstructed to enhance the current state of consciousness of those who participate. At the same time, a particular vibration is created that enhances the awareness and Light Body of the person, or persons, performing or even witnessing it. It is truly a step into another reality.

Rituals add energy and power to the aspects of life to which they are directed. The process of preparing for an event, by performing certain actions, makes that event even more special. Each action in the process has its own vibration, creating a sacred element. Imagine now how powerful it would be to make every aspect of your life into a ritual. This is exactly what it means to live as a Master. Every moment is an opportunity, not to be wasted, for it cannot be re-lived. Oh yes, you can go back and change the past and set intentions for the future, but when you spend too much time focusing on the past and future you are not living in the present, so it can become counter-productive.

How can you make your life into a daily ritual? You may be thinking that you do not have time to be performing rituals all day long. You have a job and a family. After all, you are not a monk living in a monastery, with nothing else to do. The answer is, perhaps you do have the time, because, to some degree, you already perform little rituals as you go through your day. Take the time and care to perform each action of your day as though it were sacred, because it is, even down to the most menial aspects everyday living.

Even in your the busy life, it is possible to streamline spiritual practices, so that they are effective, yet do not take up so much of your time, which often seems limited. For example, suppose you wear gemstone jewelry each day and when you take it off, you wish to clear the energy for the next time your wear it. Taking the time to evoke the Violet Flame each day may be a stretch. Instead, it is possible have a Violet Flame burning continuously in the spot where your jewelry or crystals reside. You can do this just with the intention that it is so, or you can create a ritual to create the process. Over time, when you stand in that spot, you will feel the cool, cleansing energy of the Seventh Ray Violet Flame and when you wear your jewelry, the energy will be cleansed and intensified.

A ritual can also just be a simple action. Listen to calm music or comedy on your commute to work. You will find the drive was not so bad after all. Take time to look up at the sky, see the messages in the clouds. Hear the birds speaking to you. Stop and admire the sunset. Pay attention to the colors you wear. They are important. Wear or carry gemstones, yes, even you men, to receive the energy they have to give. By doing so, you are creating a statement and vibration with your appearance. Slow down and begin to be conscious of more of your day. Fall asleep to the sound of healing music. Do a few minutes of energy work, while lying in bed, waiting to fall asleep. Create your own rituals to honor your life. You will find that by adding these practices to your day, over time, your life will be truly enhanced and you will be living as the Master that you are.

From “Being a Master in the New Era”