The Truth of the Matter: Love and Kindness

The truth of the matter is, that in the end, you only have one thing to take with you, and at the same time leave behind. That thing is the Love you make and the kindness you express. Oh yes, perhaps you have done great things, by which you will be remembered, but the thoughts of others and the value you bring into their lives, is the true substance of your purpose and accomplishments in this lifetime.

Even if only a few people recognize the Love you have given and the kindness you have shown, the energy that those efforts have created, has a profound effect on the world, for it is an exceptional person that has these gifts to give, and an even more special one that takes the time to share them.

Every day brings opportunities to affect the lives of others, even in very small ways. However, the size of an act of kindness, does not diminish its value, for it is fueled by Love.

Kindness is the calling card of Love. When you are kind, you open the door to infinite possibilities.

An act of #kindness, has become a somewhat rare commodity, so when you can make someone feel better, happier, or more hopeful, you are creating healing energy, coming from the heart of one person, straight to the heart of another. You can do it with virtually no effort, because the energy you expend lifting someone else, lifts you up as well.

Love is an energy exchange. When you share Love, you receive Love. It may not be in the same form as yours, but it is still an expression of Love. A hundred dollars you may give to one person, might mean as much as a dollar, someone gives to you. It’s all relevant.

As you go through your day, interacting with people on many levels, you become aware that you resonate with some, more than others. Often the connection you have with them is magical, even with a stranger with whom you share a smile as you pass on the street.

As familiarity with people in your life grows, often so do emotions. Over time you experience loving feelings for particular people, and cherish the fact that they are in your life. As you nurture these relationships, the Love grows stronger and you have the opportunity to participate in the true treasure of being alive.

When you resonate with another person, it is because your vibration is compatible with theirs. The energy between you creates a pleasant feeling, because you are connecting with members of your soul family. Even the higher beings, with whom you communicate, are soul family members. You are connecting with them at a higher vibration. 

As you go through your day, people pass in and out of your reality. Some are friends, family or casual acquaintances. Others may be total strangers. No matter who they are, it is no coincidence that they are coming into your life. Each time you have an interaction with someone, it is an opportunity. You may share a happy time with one person or group of people, learn patience from another, or be a teacher to someone who needed your input. When you are present, you are aware of the possibilities and rise to each occasion. By showing kindness and sharing Loving energy with others, you are experiencing an energetic place, where you are always at home.

A Message from Archangel Metatron …
Brought through by Wendy Ann Zellea, with Love and Light…

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