The Truth


Truth is what you choose to believe.

What is really true? When an entire planet of people believes something is true, it becomes collectively accepted..

At various times in history, people generally believed particular things to be true, that in other times were considered false. Ideas such as, some people are superior to others, illness is a normal part of life, the New Year begins on January 1st, and many more, were, and still are for some, absolute truth. Many of these beliefs came about at the same time across the planet in groups who had no contact with each other. This is because all life forms communicate telepathically.

Cultures who view themselves as civilized, often see others, who have retained their old ways, as backward. They fail to remember that at one time they were the same, and those backward beliefs brought them to where they are now. Perhaps they believe they are better off, having left the old ways behind. One way to tell, is to look around and see how it is playing out. If the world is thriving towards the greater good for all, then the truth of the culture is life-sustaining. Otherwise change is required.

Future generations will look back at the truths of today as old-fashioned. When the world uses technology to create clean, healthy environments, today’s culture will seem unenlightened, backward, and harmful to the planet and its inhabitants. They will have evolved, advanced, and come to realize that our truths created our cultural and physicals environment, the one they had to repair.

There was a time when people thought the earth was flat, a concept that is now inconceivable, except to a few holdouts. Quantum Physicists are discovering that a theory such as Dualism, which has been the fundamental basis of modern physics, is not necessarily true. Cutting-edge archeologists are determining that human history is more than ten thousand years older than traditionally thought. So, in real time, you are witnessing truth changing right before your eyes.

Humanity is not separate from everything in the universe. In fact, it is connected to all that is. When you go inward you become connected to your place in creation. What you believe to be true is a choice. It only makes it true for you, it is not the absolute truth. Is your choice based on the highest good for all, for that is the only real truth.

And so it is…

A Message from Archangel Metatron …
Brought through from the higher realms by Wendy Ann Zellea, with Love and Light…

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