What You Say – Is it Self-Defeating?

Every culture has its sayings, expressions intended to communicate a sort of wisdom for situations in life. For example, if we try to convey some sort of advice to another person, and they do not change their behavior, we might say, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. Colloquialisms change over time as new expressions become fashionable, and others fade away. While most of these phrases appear to be harmless little anecdotes, others can sabotage us without our even realizing it.

One such phrase, which I hear all too often is, it’s always something. Saying this, invites and accepts eventual setbacks and failures that will prevent us from achieving success. It allows us to blame life for our failures, instead of taking responsibility for ourselves.

Let me begin by saying that it is not always something. If it were, then life would be a constant stream of mishaps, and we would be surprised when things went smoothly. In addition, it is an affirmation that we are powerless as to the outcome of our lives. When we believe that it is always something, we are walking, potential victims, just waiting for something to go wrong. Instead, we can adopt the belief that all is well, and will continue to be.

Another little self-defeating expression is, with my luck. Please allow me to explain that there is no such thing as luck. Those of us whose lives go well, pass through each day with the belief that our lives will go well. This is not to imply that we wake up each morning and say to ourselves my life will be smooth sailing today; rather, it is an overall belief in progress and success, instead of failure and unfortunate circumstances. 

By uttering, with my luck, we are allowing life to send us, what we consider to be, unlucky events. Who wants to do that? We must delete with my luck from our vocabulary and understand that when we hear someone else using it, they are making themselves into hapless, luckless victims and welcoming in circumstances they do not want.

In the beginning there was the word and from that word came all of creation. From our word comes what we create, so if we intend to bring something into our life, we must not say that it will never happen, because we are ensuring that it never does. If we wish to make a change in our lives, we should not say that we cannot do it, or we will find that we cannot.

We are creators, manifesting our desires, by believing and visualizing them, and thinking as though we already have done so. If we want to achieve any goal, first we must make it a reality in our mind.

A few years ago, I decided it was time to move to a new apartment. I made a mental list of the features I wished to have in my new home. The apartment would be on the third or fourth floor and have a balcony, the balcony being an essential amenity. A dishwasher and indoor laundry facility were also required.

I looked at all the available rentals in the area and left my name with the management offices of the ones I was considering. Just at the proper time I got a call from my first choice saying that there was an apartment on the fourth floor with a balcony, dishwasher, and indoor laundry room. The apartment was completely new inside, the rent was reasonable, and here I sit. 

So, you see it is not just that I am lucky, but I expect my life to continue seamlessly and effortlessly, and it does. In addition, and this is essential, I take all the appropriate steps that I can at the time to achieve my goal, and I go through my days gracefully and, for the most part, seamlessly. That is why I always say, life is good, all is well.

A Message from Archangel Metatron …
Brought through from the higher realms by Wendy Ann Zellea, with Love and Light…

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