Why the New Age

Quan Yin and Salt Lamp
Quan Yin and Salt Lamp

The New Age was a gentle time, a time when Lightworkers studied the ancient teachings that have survived throughout the ages. Astrology, numerology, crystals, Reiki and many other forms of learning, healing and energy work were re-discovered and practiced more and more over the past few decades. The purpose of this was not only to raise the vibration of Lightworkers, which it most certainly did, but the knowledge that was retrieved was meant to be preserved, so it could be brought into the New Era. Ancient techniques have always been used by humanity, that is why they survived. The difference now is that the same esoteric methods will not be considered woo woo in the New Era, they will be accepted as valid in the workings of the culture yet to come.

What will not be preserved, from the previous era, are many of the current belief systems that have governed the lives of humans for centuries. The reason for this is obvious, it is because they don’t work anymore. Yes, Lightworkers have learned many new things to prepare them for the changing energy, but many esoterically learned souls still hold on to the fundamental, old beliefs that they inherited. These ways of thinking will not translate into the New Era and holding on to them creates resistance.

Many Lightworkers do not understand why they still must struggle in life after all the energy work they have done. The answer is very simple, it is because they are still anchored in the duality that has been defined as absolute reality. Imagine that you are in a boat and you wish to float down a river, riding a gentle current that will take you where you wish to be. The boat is anchored in place and all you must do is pull up the anchor and you will effortlessly travel along with the current. Instead, you leave the anchor in the water and begin to row. Get the picture?

There will be wellness, vitality, abundance, peace and happiness for all. This will not occur overnight, but it will, little by little, work its way into life on Earth.  It is already happening to those who realize it is the default template of the new reality. Those who were on a spiritual path had the opportunity to change their belief systems from ones that were imposed upon them, to those that would resonate with the new energy. Little did they know, however, that the purpose of acquiring New Age knowledge was more than just maintaining the energetic vibration of both themselves and others. They were also learning to embrace new ideas and truths.

Old values that were held dear for centuries, no longer work, as can be seen on a daily basis. The good news is that Lightworkers, as a result of their spiritual pursuits, are now in the position to be vibrationally ready to integrate the new ideas, which will be the foundation of the New Era. These beliefs, both in science and spirituality, are beginning to reveal themselves. Yes, they will be of a more, scientific nature, as spirituality is taking a turn in that direction and as science begins to validate precepts that Lightworkers have known for some time.

New methods of healing through activation and reparation of DNA will be discovered and clean power sources will be implemented, replacing the lower vibrating ones that damage the environment. Already in many places, solar panels can be seen on light poles and in parking lots. Science has always been the crowning achievement of modern society and is looked upon as the ultimate source of truth in explaining and understanding everything from the smallest atom to the origins of the universe. The problem is, science is based on many false premises, once these wrong turns have been re-calibrated, then science will truly be worthy of the respect that has been prematurely allotted to it.

In the future, spirituality, science and technology will be intertwined. New information about DNA and the universe is being brought through, as the Light Quotient of Lightworkers is made ready to integrate it. Little by little, traditional science is beginning to validate what had been known by spiritual seekers for some time. In the not so distant future, it will be possible to re-program DNA to keep people healthy, young and vibrant. Multidimensionality will be acknowledged and accepted by mainstream science and the Light Body of each individual will be recognized. Do you see how healing and religion will change with these advancements? The body will be tuned up and kept in optimal shape and the Divinity that resides within each person will be honored. No longer will individuals have to look outside for the source of their creation or their creator.

The primary misconception of science is that everything must be proven by scientific method, but not everything can be validated in this way. Scientists are beginning to realize that randomness and quantum activity do not adhere to the current laws of Physics. For centuries it has been believed that Newtonian laws apply to every part of creation. Now, however, it is starting to be seen with the naked eye, that, to put it plainly, some stuff just doesn’t make sense from a dualistic viewpoint.

The universe, on the other hand, makes total sense. It is the traditional laws of Physics that have become outdated, but don’t worry, they served their purpose and can be laid to rest with other outdated ideas, such as the Earth is flat. “Duality shmuality.” Duality cannot be a template for the physical laws of the universe, because it creates separation, by its very definition. The Universe is not separated, it is unified. That is why it is called a Universe!

The New Age will be looked back upon as the time when esoteric knowledge was gathered and preserved to be the legacy of the old era, in other words, that which was worth keeping. The old ways that had been lost to the mainstream of humanity over the last few thousand years, excepting of course indigenous peoples, were once again considered valid in the New Age. Each person found the path that they resonated with and embraced it. The necessary numbers of people learned what was required and appropriate in order to create a strong knowledge base with which to begin the journey into the New Era.

Because of this, those New Agers who are now residing in the New Era are experts in the many practices and teachings that will aid Lightworkers in the new reality. This knowledge will lead to future discoveries, which today can only be imagined. The information, necessary for creating the new belief systems will come from Lightworkers who have opened to channeling their Higher Self and other Light Beings, making available a source of information, yet to be recorded in the past or even in the modern world.

During the New Age, the light quotient of individuals was raised and veils, which previously had been drawn down tightly between dimensions, were lifted, allowing for communication with non-corporeal life forms. Angels, Ascended Masters and other guides were, and are still, able to transmit information that was meant to be brought into the collective Lightworker consciousness. Once this occurred, it could then be brought into the conscious mind of the recipient, through the open channel in the Light Body. Much channelled information is transcribed and published on the Internet or in books. As this happens, it becomes part of the collective human consciousness. The first to integrate the information are Lightworkers, since they are the ones most likely to read the channelled information. Over time, the new beliefs become mainstream.

This process is not just a random intellectual exercise on the part of spiritual seekers; not by any means. It is a process of Conscious Human Evolution that is occurring by means of intelligent design. Beings of Light and Star Beings, dedicated to assisting Lightworkers, and consequently humanity, in the process of gracefully transitioning into the New Era, a plan that has been in place for eons, are providing the necessary and appropriate knowledge and information in good and perfect time. There are no mistakes.

What took place in the period called the New Age, was designed to bring a new collective consciousness into the reality of the Third Dimension, until which time it can become the reality by which all humanity lives. Just the fact that new ideas, such as multidimensionality and channelling the higher realms exist, raises the vibration of the whole significantly. This can be seen in the shifts that are currently happening on the planet: climate extremes, political changes and the grass roots belief that wellness can be achieved by each individual. Such significant changes, and many more, are all a product of the work done by enough Lightworkers, determined to raise their vibration.

Many souls incarnated on Earth at the appropriate time, so that they would be ready to become New Agers, who could raise their vibration high enough so that the New Era could arrive in 2013, as a hologram, existing simultaneously with that of the Third Dimension. It is Lightworkers who are anchoring this reality into existence.

So, you see, dear ones, the New Era is not exactly the Third Dimension; rather, it’s a new one that no one expected. It’s the better place that Lightworkers dreamed of right here on beloved Gaia. It is where all who are born into it are meant to be

On the subject of dimensions, isn’t it about time to stop viewing them in linear fashion? There are not only Third, Forth, Fifth, etc. What about smaller dimensions that exist within each cell of the body, or dimensions along side of you or even circular ones that surround you. Then there are the ones in space and the ones that a human cannot even comprehend. Yes, the Fifth Dimension is one that is very close, but don’t limit yourself and also don’t expect to be able to understand multidimensionality completely. Realize the concept, yes, but it is not possible for the rational mind to truly grasp what is outside the realm of intellectual understanding. There are other dimensions, but they are just other hologramic instances of the current dimension or possible realities that have the potential to exist in your realm of consciousness. There’s really no need to categorize them or line them up in a row. Multidimensionality is not linear. Imagine that!

Even if in your meditations you are transported to other realms, you are merely getting a glimpse and a taste of the feeling of being there and that is ok, because that is all you need whilst living as a human on Earth. Look at it as ‘Introduction to Multidimensionality’. A time may come when you will perhaps be living in a less dense body in one of those dimensions. Right now, recognize that the New Era is another dimension, but there is no need to classify it.

If this is not the life you wish to have, then it is your job to make it so. That is the only option before you. It might be difficult to change your beliefs so you can create the life you desire, but wishing you were somewhere else is like standing at the shore and never sticking your toe in the water. It is time to take the first step. There really aren’t any more excuses. If someone else can create the life they dream of, so can you. Just get out of your own way.

The New Era is humanity’s gift for all the hard work of raising the vibration of the collective consciousness. At the same time this was happening, Gaia’s vibration was also changing so that it could continue to support the residents of the New Era. No one really knew as 2012 slipped away, except Gaia of course, that’s what was happening. At the most, some thought that a mass ascension of New Agers was going to happen like a cloud of helium filled bodies floating up to the heavens. Instead a new reality, just for Lightworkers, was plopped right on top of the old one. Oh, the cleverness of it all.

The New Age was a special time of learning and creating the Public Library of the New Age. This is not to say that the learning has stopped, not at all, but rather than the study of the old wisdom, the time has come now for new ideas, beliefs and technology. Spirituality and science are merging and technology rules, for technology is made in man’s image (sound familiar)?

The drive in humans to create new technology is fueled by the evolving brains of those on that path and as those minds open to the yet undiscovered, the evolution of the mind of humanity also evolves. As this happens, the DNA of humanity is also changing and becoming refined. Evolution is occurring, not over billions of years, but daily. This has not previously been seen by the current civilization living on Earth. Beings that inhabited the Earth eons ago underwent similar processes of developing, surviving and finally disappearing.

The New Age was the preparation for the New Era. It was a chance for humans to build the finest, most advance culture ever to inhabit the planet. Yes, there is a long way to go, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be done. Perhaps not in the lifetime of those reading this, but know that you can be part of the next Golden Age of humans and that is something.