Here’s Wendy

Wendy Ann Zellea is an Ascension Messenger, Luminary, and Keeper of the Divine Principles of Grace.

Her work, consisting of esoteric concepts, presented in a clear writing style, focuses on bringing through information from Archangel Metatron.

In 1984, on a vacation in Mexico, tragedy changed her life.

A year later she travelled to Belize, stopping on Caye Caulker, a small tourist island off the coast of Belize City. She fell in love with the place and stayed for 15 years. During that time she owned and operated a breakfast restaurant. Not wishing to work so hard, she began creating and selling hand-painted t-shirts.

When a friend offered her a job in Toronto, as an Assistant Production Coordinator in a major film company, she flew to Canada.

In 2000 she moved back to her home state of New Jersey. Technology came naturally to Wendy and she spent the next 25 years working in many aspects of  IT, eventually as a Technical Business Analyst.

Her return to New Jersey opened another door. She became a Reiki Master, eventually developing a new system of Reiki, call Merkiva Reiki.

Wendy’s spiritual journey became accelerated, as her metaphysical pursuits increased. She became connected to the Earth-Keeper group and James Tyberonn. She made spiritual Pilgrimages with the Earth-Keeper group to England, Scotland, Ireland, and Lake Louise. She also made personal spiritual pilgrimages to Sedona.

Wendy has written a number of esoteric books, an autobiographical account, and a novel called Saving Atlantis. She continues to bring in the Light, with the assistance Archangel Metatron.

You can contact Wendy at: [email protected]

Wendy’s Books can be found on Amazon.