Living a Divine Life

Life is a Dance. Learn to move with the rhythm.

You are living a divine life in a new reality, created by the efforts of millions of individuals whose intention was to participate in the Ascension process. No matter what you have experienced so far, your divine life can start right now, all that is required is your intention for it to begin.

The first step is to believe that it is possible to live a divine life and then take the required action to make it your own. See that was easy, now wasn’t it? You have already gotten over the biggest hurdle of all, setting your intention.

Living a divine life begins with how you view and treat yourself and others. The same way you receive oxygen on an airplane before helping someone else, you must love and honor yourself in all aspects of your life, not allowing anything to compromise the integrity of the standard you have set.

Begin by showing gratitude for what you have, loving your life and those in it, loving your body and all the activities that fill your day, even those that are mundane. When you do this, you are ensuring that your life will always maintain the quality that you desire. Love your job, it provides you with the resources that support your lifestyle. Love your friends, they are the mirrors in which you can see your character. Love your enemies, they teach you lessons and allow you to remain steadfast in your values. Love yourself for living a divine life.

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What You Say – Is it Self-Defeating?

Every culture has its sayings, expressions intended to communicate a sort of wisdom for situations in life. For example, if we try to convey some sort of advice to another person, and they do not change their behavior, we might say, you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. Colloquialisms change over time as new expressions become fashionable, and others fade away. While most of these phrases appear to be harmless little anecdotes, others can sabotage us without our even realizing it.

One such phrase, which I hear all too often is, it’s always something. Saying this, invites and accepts eventual setbacks and failures that will prevent us from achieving success. It allows us to blame life for our failures, instead of taking responsibility for ourselves.

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A Path of Enlightenment

Your spiritual path leads you towards enlightenment. When you look back at truly enlightened beings from the past, most of them did not become spiritual because they studied spirituality. It was something else that raised their consciousness to higher levels.

This is not to imply that studying esoteric knowledge is unhelpful. On the contrary, it is exceedingly useful in achieving a goal of spiritual growth. Exposing yourself to the higher vibrations of spiritual information has a positive, uplifting effect, but study alone does not make a person enlightened. So then, what is the answer?

What made these enlightened beings different? One thing they had in common, was that even when focusing their attention on the mundane aspects of life, they managed to do so with kindness, compassion, and regard for others. They pursued higher vibrating endeavors, including helping others and teaching higher truths.

In the process, by living differently than those around them, they created new thought patterns within themselves. These thought patterns became a model for those who saw their unique actions.

As time passed, they found that they could do things that others could not. Does that sound familiar? Some were able to heal, others had clairvoyant capabilities, or mystical skills.

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Being Responsible

A message from Archangel Metatron…

Life is full of responsibilities. You must pay your bills, go to work, buy food, and much more.

There are also aspects of life, perhaps less obvious, for which you are also accountable as a keeper of the Light.

Maintaining your Light quotient is the most basic and fundamental responsibility of a Lightworker. This means focusing on that which is life-sustaining.

It may seem like a difficult task, when you see what is happening each day in the world, but there are ways to remain balanced in the midst of it all, beginning with being still and connecting with your center. Read more ›

The Nature of Your Higher Self

Everything I am write is true. At least it was when it was written. It might be true for you and it might not. It is up to you to decide. You are the only one who knows your own truth. The way you know it is through your feelings. There are different types of feelings. One kind is created by emotions, which are fed by your ego. Another is knowing, which is fed by your intuition. Knowing is what you believe at a soul level. Others may think they know what is right for you, but it is only based on what is true for them. If a person tells you something that they think is correct for you, use your feelings to determine whether you agree.

Even if you are not certain about what is in your best interest, your Higher Self knows everything. Your Higher Self is who you truly are. It is the luminous being, that is having a human experience and appearing to the world as YOU.

The nature of your Higher Self is to be happy.

When you are communicating with your Higher Self, as you were when you were very young, you  are happy. When you do not listen to you inner guidance, you experience struggle. Quiet your mind and listen to the whisperings.

A New Era of Conscious Human Evolution has begun. Thanks to social media, new and enlightened ways of thinking are more accessible. Truths that have been forgotten for ages, like weeds, keep popping up through the cracks. Ancient Codes, which are embedded in this new information, are inspiring spiritual seekers to think differently. A growing awareness of primal sacred sites is also escalating the process of Conscious Human Evolution. This is accomplished by awakening the vibrations, of the pristine, ancient wisdom that once kept the world in balance, and is stored in the cellular memory of spiritual seekers. Welcome to the New Era.

In the natural world, the seasons come and go and life continues perfectly and effortlessly. The sun is not seen struggling to rise or the tide exerting an effort to come in or go out. There is no conflict when flowers bloom or lions roar. Nature occurs and flows. As part of nature so should human beings.,

When you are aligned with your Higher Self, you are certain of your path in life. Even if you are not sure of what it is, you know you are on it. There is synchronicity and flow. Answers to questions come to you. You are in touch with your guidance. It feels natural for you to know what to do, in all situations. Things work out well, perhaps, not always the way you imagined, but you believe that the results of your actions are the best outcome.

An expert from “Do You Want to be Happy NOW?” by Wendy Ann Zellea

©️2020 Happy Awareness Publications All rights reserved. You may share this message, but please give credit to  Wendy Ann Zellea at .This excerpt is channeled. It is written as intended. If you share, please do not change the content.

Freedom – A Message from St. Germain


I am St. Germain of the Violet Flame.

I come to you in Peace and Love. My mission is Freedom. I have been instrumental in the formation of all societies that embrace Freedom, from Lemuria to Atlantis, as well as those on Earth today.

I have been present at many gatherings of those that revere Freedom. I have made it clear through those who are open to channeling my vibration, that in order to achieve real Freedom, it must apply to all, otherwise no one will ever be truly free.

Freedom is not something that is granted once and endures forever. It must be nurtured, or it withers and dies.

The ability to grow and ascend can only happen when there is robust Freedom. Ideally this happens when there are Masters that hold the Light, thereby transmitting a high vibration.

Freedom is created through Love, for it is only Love that provides a buffer from external constraints. When Love is chosen as the vehicle that drives feelings and actions, external and internal Freedom can be achieved.

There is no greater cause than Freedom for all, for it results in peace, unity, and the return to the way life is meant to be. Each desire for Freedom, no matter how small, contributes to the goal of achieving it. Everything in the Universe exists in a state of Freedom. All else is unnatural. Therefore, it is always clear what must be done.

I look to those who embrace Freedom. I support them and send them messages of Light.

Always with Love and Light,

St. Germain

The Truth


Truth is what you choose to believe.

What is really true? When an entire planet of people believes something is true, it becomes collectively accepted..

At various times in history, people generally believed particular things to be true, that in other times were considered false. Ideas such as, some people are superior to others, illness is a normal part of life, the New Year begins on January 1st, and many more, were, and still are for some, absolute truth. Many of these beliefs came about at the same time across the planet in groups who had no contact with each other. This is because all life forms communicate telepathically. Read more ›

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