Spiritual Growth, otherwise known as a Path to Enlightenment, is the focus of those living in the New Era.

It is a continuous process of increasing your energetic signature. Many variables can affect your vibration. Emotional and environmental factors influence your Aggregate of Light, which determines your resonance. 

Other people can significantly affect the vibrational level of your Light Body as well. However, you can make a conscious effort to maintain the highest vibration, no matter what is going on around you.

Think Positive Thoughts, Speak Positive Words

This may seem obvious, but its importance cannot be over emphasized. Each thought and word has a vibration. In fact everything has a vibration. You are made up of energy, which moves in, out, and through your multi-dimensional body, at a rate determined by the level at which you vibrate.

You may resonate with some vibrations and not with others, because your vibration is attracted to, neutral, or repelled by all other vibrations. This is why you are drawn to certain people, colors, music, spiritual modalities, and all other aspects of life.Read more »

You are not who you were in the past or who you think you will be in the future. You are who you are now.

Whether in this lifetime or another, memories might conjure up pleasant feelings or perhaps uncomfortable ones. Embrace the happy moments and send Love to the rest. You are a different person than you were in the past, and whatever you did or however you were then, is what brought you to where you are now.

Imagine you are embracing and comforting your past self. Take the pain that you once felt and send it up into the Light, so you do not have to experience it again.

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Sedona Nov 2014
Sedona Nov 2014
An event is considered extraordinary when it is unexpected and effortless.

What is the lure of the extraordinary? Why is ordinary not enough? Is it because it is the ‘extra’ that makes life magical and keeps it from being just ordinary or is it more. What part of life has been forgotten, which when remembered, seems extraordinary?

Spiritual Seekers in particular are fascinated by unusual and synchronistic events. When these special moments happen, the delightful feelings that are produced are not only the result of something different and pleasing occurring, but also because at that moment an opportunity is available to revisit a reality where the extraordinary is the norm.

The cellular memory of each person remembers a Golden Age and longs for its return.

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Be kind. That’s the way to be. No matter what is happening around you, the opportunity for kindness is always there.

Be gentle with yourself and others. In doing so, the world becomes a better place. 

Be the source of goodness in your everyday life. You will feel happy and be able to share your happiness with others.

While you are on your spiritual journey, take the opportunity to experience  and exhibit all the loving human qualities that reside in your heart. Share them with the world.

Be kind every chance you get, for kindness is a renewable resource that must be regenerated from each individual. Read more »

Lake Louise

Everything happens for a reason. Some folks believe it and others not so much. It is easy to accept when things go well, but when they do not, it may be challenging to determine the reason.

The answers to why things happen may not be immediately apparent and are only presented over time. Alternatively, your path can take an unexpected turn, the clouds will clear, and the world becomes brighter and better than you ever expected.

Such ups and downs are energy shifts and adjustments. They can be produced by any number of internal and external influences, frequently causing your energetic aggregate to recalculate.Read more »