Life goes around and around in a continuous spiral of events that determines what lies ahead in the unfolding expression of consciousness.

Are things getting better? It is relative. It is no better or worse than it has ever been. The only thing that determines the condition of life is balance, its redeeming quality.

Cycles are balanced, yet as they happen, they fluctuate from graceful, serene energy to that which is adjusting to the changes that are transpiring. When there is resistance, it must be met with change. When there is balance, there is bliss.

Why is it so? That is a question older than time. But you need not ask that question, because there is no answer. There is only balance, and with that, no answer is needed.Read more »

It is a time of transformation. Immeasurable amounts of energy are unfolding into a constantly changing reality. One thing does remain constant though, that is the peace that resides within you. As you clear your Light Body, the path to that peace is revealed, connecting you to your authentic self.

When you merge your consciousness with your inner peace, there is empowerment. You are able to set your own boundaries and determine the hologramic scenarios in your life.

Looking inward, you enter the realm of your Higher Self. It is there that your connection with the Higher Realms becomes stronger and clearer and it is there that you will find your inner peace.Read more »

Whenever the time is right, certain souls incarnate to bring a particular energy to the world. Their presence can bring stability, coherence, and Love when the innermost longings of the collective consciousness summon them to fill the empty spaces that were once part of a unified humanity.

These souls embrace the opportunity to achieve their purpose. They are filled with joy because their time has come begin the journey.

You are one of these beings, who long ago made a commitment to come to the aid of the others when you sensed them calling.

You arrived but had not awakened to the realization of why you were here. You didn’t know that you were special, then one day, slowly, you began to see a Light that you had not noticed before in this lifetime. And you remembered it.

You had an unquenchable thirst for a higher energy. You embraced it, basked in it, and integrated it into your Light Body.

You began to thrive in a new way. This new energy and higher vibration lifted you to places you longed to explore even further, because the energy reminded you of forgotten vibrations of your spiritual home.Read more »

Spirituality, what exactly does it mean?

We are all spiritual beings, each of us living our life purpose. As children, we learn the cultural and religious beliefs of our society, and in the process, some of our true nature is forgotten. To an extent, we become separated from the conscious connection with our spiritual self. It all seems quite normal, since we are surrounded by many others in the same boat. However, there is always that one little place, in the deepest part of our being, which tells us there must be more.

As if by a kind of Grace, when we listen to that nudge, a small spark of Light, from within, begins to re-kindle and burn brightly, lighting a path that has been forgotten. When this happens, we know we must walk that path into the unknown. We are back on our Conscious Spiritual Journey, the purpose for which we incarnated into this lifetime.Read more »

Your Higher Self is the etheric being that lives within your Light Body. It contains the Life Force Energy that defines your essence. Your life purpose is journeying along the path that leads you to being your Higher Self.

This etheric self is the part of you that remains constant through all lifetimes. It is the defining element of your being. 

As you increase the connection with your etheric self, you experience more of your Divine aspects. Your Higher Self holds the blueprint of your essence, and in the quest for enlightenment all will be shown to you in good and perfect time.

The Ascension Process is a search for the Higher Self. When you surrender to that objective, the process will unfold naturally.

It is through your Higher Self that you experience multidimensionality and your purest expression. It is through your Higher Self that you may communicate with the Higher Beings, Angelic Realm, and the Ascended Masters.Read more »