As you venture into the vibrations of the new era, you are aligning with intensifying cosmic energies. Changes in the overall vibrations of the Earth and beyond are happening on a regular basis.

These changes may be the result of astrological cycles, such as planets aligned or in retrograde, cosmic changes, such as solar storms that disturb the energy on Earth, or changes to the Earthly environment.

You may find that there are times when you feel different, not understanding why, and for no apparent reason. Energetic changes can result in ascension symptoms, which you feel in your body or even your emotional state. You may feel overly tired, anxious, or have other physical imbalances, as your energy shifts.

So, what exactly are ascension symptoms? As you follow your path of spiritual growth, you are raising your vibration, letting go of old programming, and integrating new codes. As you do, both your etheric and physical bodies are transforming into new levels of consciousness.

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Your Higher Self is the portal through which you connect to both your inner guidance and the higher realms. Through these connections, information that is appropriate for the transition into the new energetic era is integrated into your consciousness.

At times, it may appear that higher energetic communications with similar content are appearing from various sources. There is a purpose for specific themes being shared in many forms within a set timeframe. Each of these messages has its own distinct pattern and essential value to those resonating with it, but what they have in common is an underlying energetic vibration.

Just as operating systems are updated on computers, archaic beliefs that are no longer relevant are shifting to be more compatible with the current human consciousness.

It is not only the ancients who were capable of wisdom, so are people living now. The good news is that updated wisdom, compatible with the emerging consciousness, is being made available by those devoted to higher truths.

You are living in a fantastic reality, a new era, one where the awareness of your place in the universe is expanding. Channeled messages may come through your Higher Self, with the purpose of bringing higher vibrations that will facilitate the transition.Read more »

Spiritual growth, enlightenment, and conscious human evolution, are essentials for living in the New Era.

Letting go of what no longer serves you or resonates with you is part of a continuous process of increasing your Light algorithm.

 As you release denser energies, you hold more Light and create balance within yourself. The same way that a hot air balloon stays on the ground using weights, releasing old energy frees you to rise to higher levels of consciousness.

Sometimes letting go includes ending a relationship with a person or situation, in either case after you do, there remains a space in your etheric body you can fill with Light. Read more »


When you are worrying about something that works out, in truth you worried for nothing. You have only made the situation worse by placing our focus on a result you do not want, thereby helping to create it.

By allowing events to unfold and envisioning the best outcome, you are using your energy to create the results you desire. When you are happy, you have faith that things will turn out well and that the universe will provide solutions. When things continually work out for the best, you see the magic of life.Read more »

Life goes around and around in a continuous spiral of events that determines what lies ahead in the unfolding expression of consciousness.

Are things getting better? It is relative. It is no better or worse than it has ever been. The only thing that determines the condition of life is balance, its redeeming quality.

Cycles are balanced, yet as they happen, they fluctuate from graceful, serene energy to that which is adjusting to the changes that are transpiring. When there is resistance, it must be met with change. When there is balance, there is bliss.

Why is it so? That is a question older than time. But you need not ask that question, because there is no answer. There is only balance, and with that, no answer is needed.Read more »