Spirituality, what exactly does it mean?

We are all spiritual beings, each of us living our life purpose. As children, we learn the cultural and religious beliefs of our society, and in the process, some of our true nature is forgotten. To an extent, we become separated from the conscious connection with our spiritual self. It all seems quite normal, since we are surrounded by many others in the same boat. However, there is always that one little place, in the deepest part of our being, which tells us there must be more.

As if by a kind of Grace, when we listen to that nudge, a small spark of Light, from within, begins to re-kindle and burn brightly, lighting a path that has been forgotten. When this happens, we know we must walk that path into the unknown. We are back on our Conscious Spiritual Journey, the purpose for which we incarnated into this lifetime.Read more »

Your Higher Self is the etheric being that lives within your Light Body. It contains the Life Force Energy that defines your essence. Your life purpose is journeying along the path that leads you to being your Higher Self.

This etheric self is the part of you that remains constant through all lifetimes. It is the defining element of your being. 

As you increase the connection with your etheric self, you experience more of your Divine aspects. Your Higher Self holds the blueprint of your essence, and in the quest for enlightenment all will be shown to you in good and perfect time.

The Ascension Process is a search for the Higher Self. When you surrender to that objective, the process will unfold naturally.

It is through your Higher Self that you experience multidimensionality and your purest expression. It is through your Higher Self that you may communicate with the Higher Beings, Angelic Realm, and the Ascended Masters.Read more »

Being still opens doorways to the Higher Realms. When you are still, even for a moment, you can connect with the higher aspects of your inner self.

Being still allos you to increase your Life Force energy. In doing so you can more easily connect with Beings of Light. They have always been there, observing you. You can become an observer too, a stargazer.

Life occurs within you and around you. You are made up of energy in constant motion, which extends outward to infinity from the single point you occupy in the Universe. Resonate with the vibration because it is your Soul Song. Hear it as it emanates from and resonates through your conscious awareness.

Be still and take part in the essence of continuation. Become one with the Divine, which is in you, as you. This is the true experience of being human. You are creating balance and moments of perfection.

Everything that exists, flows with the rhythm of life. You resonate with that rhythm. As you live, you breathe, your heart beats, your blood flows, and electrical impulses are generated throughout your physical and etheric bodies.

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You are a human operating system, capable of supporting energetic programs that define the integrity of your existence.

New codes, necessary to help repair and rejuvenate energetic vibrations, are being downloaded into the physical and Light Body, primarily during auspicious cosmic cycles. These codes, sent through the infinite intelligence of the universe, are essential to help rejuvenate energetic vibrations, so the full capabilities of the human experience can be known.

The Codes of Ascension have always been available. However, not until a sufficient collective Light Quantification was achieved, could they be integrated into human consciousness.

There are many ways you, as someone on the Path of Ascension, receives these elements of the pristine human blueprint. Much of the pure vibration that flourished in advanced civilizations has been preserved and is becoming re-introduced into the energetic environment.Read more »

Beliefs that serve you come from within, from your heart and the deepest part of your soul.

With so much information available it is important to use discernment in determining what is authentic, and more importantly, what is for the highest good.

When you speak your own truth, you are being genuine. You know what is true for you, even if you are the only one who believes it.

At times, you may feel as though you do not belong to this world. It is okay if you do, because it only means that you have evolved to a higher level of consciousness than others. Congratulate yourself.

You have an impeccable source of guidance that comes from your inner self, the self that you speak to. It is the essential you, guiding and inspiring you along your personal spiritual path.Read more »