Wendy’s Quotes

  • It’s not how much you do, but what you do.

  • The Divine Light is in you...as you.

  • First, you must have the intention.

  • You are what you think.

  • What you believe is what you get.

  • Moderation is the highest human state…Martin Zellea

  • There is no such thing as trying. You are giving yourself permission to fail…Yoda.

  • Have fun.

  • Trust yourself.

  • If you think you should, you probably should not.

  • Everyone is right. Do not deprive others of their lessons

  • Every person does the best they can, with what they have to work with at the time.

  • God is an extra-terrestrial.

  • Without laughter, all is lost.

  • Give and receive equally.

  • Embrace synchronicity.

  • Surround yourself with beauty.

  • Pursue coziness.

  • Life is a dance; learn to move with the rhythm.

  • Once you define, you lose the Divine.

  • Honor yourself. Honor everyone.

  • Life is an occasion, rise to it.

  • It is all about LOVE.

  • Everyone is on a spiritual path, it’s just that Masters are aware that they are on one. 

  • All by which I am defined, is all that I am not.

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