Being Spiritual

Spirituality, what exactly does it mean? Everyone is a Spiritual Being, living their true purpose and journeying along their Spiritual Path.

As a child, you learn to live in the world into which you were born. Cultural and religious beliefs are taught, and to some degree, your true nature can be somewhat forgotten. 

At times, you may become separated from your essential self, and your connection with all that is. It seems quite normal, since there are many others in the same situation. However, there is always that one little place, in the deepest part of your being, that remembers who you truly are. Over time, you begin to realize that perhaps this is not how life is meant to be.

Of course, there are some who go through life never wondering if there is more, but for those who question what they see around them, the desire for something better continues to grow. Sometimes, your Inner Light, which once shone brightly, can dim. However, a small spark of that Light always remains, and when you begin your Conscious Spiritual Path, it can re-kindle and burn brightly again. Once this happens, and you step out into the unknown, you are back on your Spiritual Path, the path that is your purpose for incarnating into this lifetime.

A spiritual journey is not measurable. There is no keeping score and there is no comparison of your progress with someone else’s. That is not a spiritual endeavor.A spiritual journey is not measurable. There is no keeping score and there is no comparison of your progress with someone else’s. That is not a spiritual endeavor.

There is no linear process on a spiritual path. You do not become more spiritual just by learning more esoteric knowledge. 

Ancient wisdom is important to the emerging dimensional hologram. Your Celestial Ancestors, who brought humanity to Earth, had knowledge of Divine Wisdom. This understanding, combined with pure, advanced technology, allowed them to build a world-wide energy grid, which generated from geometrically perfect structures.

How is it, that they knew to align their creations to celestial bodies and events, with the purpose of increasing the energetic signature of their work? The melding of spirituality and technology, allowed them to nurture the human race and its surroundings, into a viable civilization.

When you embrace alternative teachings, both new and old, you are replacing beliefs that no longer serve you, with those that do. You are integrating higher vibrating energy.

As you assimilate alternative forms of wisdom, both ancient and new, the flow of energy produces changes throughout your Light Body. You align with Sacred Geometrical patterns. You become more balanced. Once again, you return to a Sacred aspect of living, one that has remained dormant in your cellular memory. Old beliefs are replaced by new possibilities, and you receive guidance directly, from the core of your being.

True enlightenment comes from within.

You learn healing techniques, for both mind and body, so that wisdom can be preserved and brought into the New Era. It is the foundational database of esoteric knowledge, which will eventually become more mainstream, as humanity transitions into the New Era.

How do you become more Spiritual? As with many things, less is more. A truly Spiritual person is kind, loving, present, and connected to all that is. As you tread gently through life, you experience balance, which is achieved through moderation.

Once you have attained an enhanced vibration, you become attuned to your guidance. This guidance comes from beyond the physical body, and is available at every turn of the bend. It manifests through feelings.

In other words, who feels it, knows it.

So then, what is it that makes you Spiritual? First and foremost, it is being kind, followed with being balanced, and connected to everything. These are things that everyone has the ability to accomplish. On your path of Conscious Human Evolution, you are living in a walking meditation. You are fulfilling your purpose, and raising the Light Quotient of all humanity.

You Are Being Spiritual. 
©2022 Happy Awareness Publications, LLC. This message, from the Beings of Light in the Higher Realms, is channeled. It is written as intended. If you share, please do not change the content and please give credit to Wendy Ann Zellea.