Cosmic Cycles and You

Cosmic Cycles have been honored for ages, as markers of essential Sacred Geometric aspects of the passage of life on Earth. The path of humanity is integrated into these cycles. Moon cycles, eclipses, equinoxes, and solstices are indisputably the same for everyone. It is important to place your attention on these events.

No one disputes the seasons, the degree of the angle of the sunlight that shines upon the Earth, or that the moon passes through her cycles.

Equinoxes are times of balance. The Cosmic Energy of Solstices is either high or low. During such these times it is important to be acutely aware of how the Energies are affecting you and how you can adapt to the vibrations to achieve the best outcome.

Eclipses are times of shifts. Planets, the Sun, or Moon may align, and their influence is compounded. You may never be the same after an eclipse, whether solar or lunar, but do you truly always want to be the same?

Over the centuries, days of celebration were created to honor the Earth, Planets, and Stars, and the cellular memory of these observances remains. Earth is the Goddess. The natural Cosmic cycles, which she aligns with, are the true times of celebration.

Gaia sustains you in every way, supplying you with comfort, food, and water, without which you would not thrive. She re-charges you with the crystalline energy that radiates from deep within her core, and from the dodecahedral grid that surrounds her.

Mother Earth is your provider, your pharmacy, and your comfort. She gives you shelter, warmth, oxygen, and beauty. You can show gratitude for her blessings through the observance of her cycles, which she makes obvious in the form of physical changes in the environment.

These changes are essential for your well-being, allowing you to be quiet and still in the low months, excited and hopeful in the anticipation of spring, fervent and passionate in the season of warmth and growth, and thankful and balanced in the times of plenty. Your celebrations can reflect the characteristics of these seasons and help you to resonate with the natural cycles of your life. Even if you live in an urban environment, you can connect with the Earth by observing her cycles and seasons.

The Autumnal Equinox is a time of plenty, thanks, and balance, during which you eat the foods of the season, surround yourself with warm colors, and bask in the richness of life that is your blessing during this time of year. When you express gratitude for the abundance, you can allow yourself the pleasure of enjoying what you have reaped.

Admire and acknowledge the trees as they delight your senses with a myriad of fiery colors. Even in a warm climate, there are changes to noticed. By turning towards the natural rhythm of life, you become a reflection of it, balanced and filled with joy.

During the winter you rest, sleep, and live from the fruits of your labors. It is important to surround yourself with Light to counter the darkness and seek out the security and comfort of home, friends, and family. It is a time of reflection and slowness.

Spring arrives at the Equinox, and with it the return of the Light. Rebirth abounds and each day is like a painting that has more color added to it than the day before. Smell the perfume in the air and adore the flowers when they make their appearance. Once more you can listen to the sound of the birds chirping their messages of renewal and feel the hint of warmth as winter makes its retreat.

Summer warms you so that you can shed your outer garments and feel the sun on your skin. It is a time for recreation or re-creating a world where you can live closer to nature. The Earth sends you gifts of fresh fruits, vegetables, and plenty.

When you relish the seasons, you take part in their sacredness. The seasons create a balance in your life and encourage you to be grateful for all that you have. The world reflects you, and in that world, life is good, and all is well. You can create the reality and life that that you wish. The Earth is strong and vibrant and has been here through many civilizations, some far more advanced than ours. She will endure, as will you.

As you nurture, pamper, and love yourself, your world will reflect your actions. You are of the Earth, powerful, vital, kind, and divine, nothing can harm you. Tuning into the vibration of the trees, the animals, the clouds, and the water, brings you to a place where you are calm and safe.

When you are part of the real world, the natural world, you will live forever in the most perfect creation. In this place you will find everything you desire, coming to you effortlessly and freely as you live eternally connected to the cycles of life that continue in fractal patterns and exquisite designs. You are also of that lineage. If you could only see the beauty of the creation that is you, it would amaze you more than you could imagine.

A Message from the Higher Realms …
Brought through with Love and Light by Wendy Ann Zellea

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