Loving the Third Dimension

The Ascension Process is just that, an etheric journey that begins with shifting out of the Collective Consciousness into the uncharted territory of the Higher Realms. We can do this while simultaneously living a third-dimensional everyday life.It is like being in a fog and slowly watching as the fog lifts, revealing what we could not see before, but was there all along.In other words, there has always been an iPhone, we just could not see it.

As Spiritual Seekers in the Third Dimension, we are discovering what beings in other dimensions might take for granted.

We are here to experience the Third Dimension. What this means is that we are here to experience the Third Dimension. This does not mean that we cannot experience other dimensions, fromthe Third Dimension, but we what we do not want, is someday, to be in a parallel reality, and to look back and think, I had the opportunity to fully experience the Third Dimension and I blew it.Through the Ascension process, we can experience the Higher Realms right here on Earth from our current viewpoint.It is the process of Conscious Human Evolution.

It is important for us to be here now, as Ram Dass so cleverly coined, because in all probability, we simultaneously exist in an infinite number of other dimensions throughout the universe.This is a difficult idea to wrap our minds around, but we can begin by intellectually conceptualizing it.When we are willing to except that this is true, then we can see the importance for each of us to make the best of our current incarnation here on Earth.

One of the first steps in this spiritual evolutionary process is to understand that our concept of reality and time has been incorrect throughout modern history.The linear concept that we call time, consists of occurrences. Then we line them up in a row, and place them into past, present, or future groups.It is a convenient method of keeping order in our lives and our world, but it is only what we have collectively chosen to believe.

We can change time and reality and we often do. Isn’t that the goal of psychoanalysis and the benefits of healing?Do they not change occurrences that have happened already and that have caused us pain, into events that are only memories? In other words, putting things right so they resonate more with Divine order. Issues that require healing are merely the ones that do not resonate with the fractal perfection of the universe.

So, should we continue to look toward the Higher Realms?Absolutely,that is why we are here in this amazing time, to experience the Third Dimension and to explore the Higher Healms fromthis vibration in the universe. When we do this, we raise our vibration, and in turn, are the catalyst for helping to raise the vibration of everything, for we are all part of a whole.

One way to directly experience other dimensions, is by embracing the information that comes through the Ascension Messengers of our time.In addition to imparting new thoughts, these messages are a means of transporting codes to our world and to us, for we are code carriers. These codes are essential for the Ascension Process and the transformation of humanity into the crystalline life forms we are becoming. The codes penetrate our DNA and restructure, replenish, and rebuild the blueprint of our Light Bodies.

When we hear or read something that resonates with us, it is not only the meaning of the words that is important, but also the rhythm that the message creates. The inherent syntax in the codes, creates a vibration that stimulates and excite us. This is a true treasure of our age. What makes it even more exciting is that we are here to consciously receive and embrace the codes. We do it willingly and with pleasure. It is magical, or in other words, that which we believe is out side of the realm of ordinary reality, but then come on now admit it, we have never been just ordinary.


A Message from the Higher Realms …
Brought through with Love and Light by Wendy Ann Zellea

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