The Cycles of Life

Life goes around and around in a continuous spiral of events that determines what lies ahead in the unfolding expression of consciousness.

Are things getting better? It is relative. It is no better or worse than it has ever been. The only thing that determines the condition of life is balance, its redeeming quality.

Cycles are balanced, yet as they happen, they fluctuate from graceful, serene energy to that which is adjusting to the changes that are transpiring. When there is resistance, it must be met with change. When there is balance, there is bliss.

Why is it so? That is a question older than time. But you need not ask that question, because there is no answer. There is only balance, and with that, no answer is needed.

As you journey through the spiral of time and experience the cycles of life, enjoy the beauty of the cosmic expression of each cycle and the magic of the spiral in the world, and even as far as the galaxies in space.

You are traveling through a mystical expression of consciousness if you only allow yourself the luxury. The beauty of such grandeur, as a small part of the whole, is miraculous.

When you view your existence in such terms, only goodness can describe the opportunity you have been given to live.

Cycles are the underlying foundation of the passage of life. Another new morning, the next new moon, solstices and equinoxes, and generations of humanity are all markers of the passage of time that define an evolving consciousness.

Each one affects the next and so on, always moving forward, building a lifetime, a generation, a history, and a future in which to place hope.

Feel the constant, gentle flow that lies under the surface. It is the divine guiding energy upon which the cycles move. As you connect with that movement you experience life occurring, in an endless progression of peace and tranquility that is your birthright.

Whatever is happening on the surface, you can always return to the essence of the cyclical patterns upon which your world is expressed. There resides a current of truth, upon which you can place your focus and navigate through life with ease.

Each recurring pattern and each returning cycle holds endless possibilities for unique movement into the unknown. Always something new, always innovation, venturing towards connecting with the Higher Beings who are watching over you.

Every cycle, each turn, brings you closer to that for which you are searching. Bringing in the Light helps you to find your way, holding the Light accelerates the journey, and sending the Light out into the world is for the highest good for everyone.

Your individual life also has cycles, one leading into the next. Childhood forms a foundation as you become an adult. You may believe that the rest is set in stone and smooth sailing, as it may well be. That conception is one to take along with you, for even when challenges present themselves. The calm you have stored away becomes a beacon that leads you to the peace and happiness you strive to regain.

Flow with the cycles of life and live in the wonder of it all.