The Magic of Allowing

Copy of Quan at SunsetThe Magic of Allowing is one of the secrets of a happy life. We all know what it means to allow, whether it be letting someone go ahead of us on a line or while driving. This can be a random act of kindness, or trying not to push in. When we consciously do so, we are choosing not to participate in the collective competitive consciousness. 

What makes allowing magical is that when we allow, we are trusting that our decisions determine how events will transpire. Yes, we have free will, but there are also people and occurrences that can affect the events that follow.

For example, when we let that person go ahead of us in line, we are changing the timing of what will happen later. We may end up meeting someone we know that we would not have met otherwise. Any number of things may happen differently. Yes, that is a small example, but similarly, when we allow external events to guide us in making decisions, we are taking advantage of guidance that is being offered to us from the Higher Realms.

How often do we hear someone say that a particular event, which seemed like an annoyance, turned out to be a blessing. When these things happen, if we take obstacles as the traffic signals of life, we are experiencing the Magic of Allowing and  moving with the Rhythm of Life. It is a wise choice.

Arriving sooner is not necessarily better. Arriving when we are meant to arrive, is perfection. There are an infinite number of possibilities and opportunities for allowing, even in simple events that occur each day. Therefore, it is mundane to presume that faster or sooner is the optimal choice in every scenario.

Allowing also refers to the conscious choice of trusting and having faith that when we make a decision, all that we require will be ours. Perhaps this will not happen in the way we expect, but it will occur with the best outcome. At times we believe we know how things should be, but if the Universe has a different idea, it is best to allow events to unfold naturally. As we do this, things may even turn out better than we expected.

Allowing others to be themselves, whether we understand them or not, is a gift and a blessing. When we truly care for a person, we accept them just the way they are. They might not make choices that we would, or that we believe to be in their best interest, but they are on a path that is their own and they must navigate it. Thoughts and beliefs are a catalyst for change and growth. A belief that true for us, may actually deprive someone else of lessons they are meant to learn.

Each person must find their own truth, including us. When we follow our feelings and do what feels right to us, remaining neutral, taking the time to just BE, stopping the chatter in our mind, forgetting about our daily concerns, and focusing on what is beautiful — we can let go of everything and have a clear mind. This brings us to a state of blissful freedom. Just like a child jumping in a pile of leaves, we can experience the abandonment of everything that keeps us bound to our everyday world. It is  energizing, calm, accepting, willing, gentle, and yet powerful.

In this way we find the peacefulness and happiness we search for and may be missing from our lives. It can be found in an instant, but first we must have the intention to find it. Then, when we state that intention, it will come to us, easily and gently, in a sigh. When it does, the world will seem like a more beautiful place and like-minded people will appear. Struggle will cease and balance will be restored.

Just allow it to happen…

A Message from the Higher Realms …
Brought through with Love and Light by Wendy Ann Zellea

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