The Season of Hope and Abundance

Spring is here. The Light is returning and the Earth is coming alive. The magic of life on this planet is the recurring cycle of renewal, offering the opportunity to begin again as you wish to go forward.

It is the time to leave your cares behind and look for the good in everyone and everything.

There is a flame in each person that gives them life, but as with any fire, it must be tended to. As this flame is nurtured, so is the course of your life, for it is that fire that empowers your journey. It is fueled by the Love and Kindness you show to yourself and others. 

Forgiving yourself for what you might have done differently, creates a clear path for your future. Understanding others, even when you do not comprehend them, is Loving. They are on their own path. Everyone has a story and each story is as important as the next.

Throughout your lifetime you are the author of yourself. The story line of your time on Earth may be happy, tragic, exciting, or peaceful. There is no judgment for the narrative. It is why you are here. You are fulfilling your destiny, learning lessons, healing past life trauma, and seeking a better future.

No matter what you may have experienced, your life can be one of transformation, growth, and enlightenment. Your past is the catalyst for change, it provides you with direction to either move on from what no longer serves you or improve what is already working.

As the world evolves, it is not possible for you to stay the same. If you do, you will encounter resistance.

Instead, look to a better, kinder, more Loving world, and place your focus there. That is where you will find the Light. Then you can share it. When you do, you will have discovered your life’s work.

There is a reason why you have incarnated at a time when being able to ascend to higher levels is within your grasp. You are meant to be part of the energy of Hope and Abundance. How fortunate you are.

Continue your journey, no matter what is happening around you, for you are the Hope of the future. Your intention to ascend to the Higher Realms is how you can contribute to the best outcome for everyone.

As you embrace more Light, it becomes easier to live in an environment of peace and well being. That is the world you will create, and as you do, it becomes a reality, one which others can also embrace.

Be the one to live in the vibration that the Higher Beings offer to you, through the Love and Guidance they transmit to anyone willing to resonate with the goodness that is the essence of Life. It is for you, through you, and always will be.