Why You Are Here NOW…

Whenever the time is right, certain souls incarnate to bring a particular energy to the world. Their presence can bring stability, coherence, and Love when the innermost longings of the collective consciousness summon them to fill the empty spaces that were once part of a unified humanity.

These souls embrace the opportunity to achieve their purpose. They are filled with joy because their time has come begin the journey.

You are one of these beings, who long ago made a commitment to come to the aid of the others when you sensed them calling.

You arrived but had not awakened to the realization of why you were here. You didn’t know that you were special, then one day, slowly, you began to see a Light that you had not noticed before in this lifetime. And you remembered it.

You had an unquenchable thirst for a higher energy. You embraced it, basked in it, and integrated it into your Light Body.

You began to thrive in a new way. This new energy and higher vibration lifted you to places you longed to explore even further, because the energy reminded you of forgotten vibrations of your spiritual home.

As you settled into the new consciousness that you were experiencing and became accustomed to the energy that was coming through you, you remembered why you were in this lifetime. It was more than just experiencing the Third Dimension, your purpose was to shine the Light you were now receiving from the Higher Realms, out into the world.

For this to happen, you only needed the intention to be a conduit for the Higher Beings who have dedicated themselves to assisting humanity in its journey.

This is not a difficult task for you, because you are already doing it. As you keep your focus on your spiritual path you are creating new thought patters and sprinkling them like stardust wherever you go.

A kind word, a generous gesture, an intention to send positive or healing energy to a person or situation; these are real things. They exist and become entangled in the collective consciousness.

You are spreading seeds wherever you go and when those seeds take root, they matter. They affect the world in some small, or maybe not so small, way.

It may seem like an simple thing to smile at someone, or speak kind words to them, but you do not know how important those things might be to that person. Even if you do nothing except listen to a person as they speak, it can make a difference.

You are where you are for a reason. Each person is holding a space on Earth so that a Light Grid can be sustained. A network of spiritual seekers has been forming as the groundwork for a new reality. It is the New Era of Gaia, one of robust growth and energy. You are one of its architects.

Just remain focused on your spiritual journey. It is your true path. It is why you chose to be here now. It is goodness, Peace, and Light.


©2023 Happy Awareness Publications, LLC. Wendy Ann Zellea is an Ascension Messenger and Luminary. 

Her work, consisting of esoteric concepts presented in a clear writing style, focused on bringing through a Higher Truth as a Keeper of the Divine Principles of Grace. Wendy has lived a colorful life as a teacher, musician, restaurateur, artist, and  IT professional. Her books can be found on AMAZON.