You Are a Living Being in a Spiritual Life

You are a Living Being, experiencing a spiritual life, in human form. It may not be the only lifetime you have had, nor could it be the last. Your purpose for being here is to understand what it means to be human, as your mental and spiritual aspects experience life through your physical self.

You are a multi-dimensional being, fragmented throughout creation. Your task in this lifetime is to integrate as many of the fragments of yourself into a unified energetic form. It is an Ascension Process.

Part of you knows everything you have ever experienced in any incarnation, dimension, or other form of existence. That knowing is an unending source of wisdom that is at your disposal. The process that lies before you is how to tap into that divine encyclopedic treasury.

Begin by knowing yourself.

After that, you can uncover and remember what has been forgotten, buried, and hidden behind the veils.  It is driven by your desire to become the unique enlightened being that you have always been. It is an ongoing, endless journey, seasoned with Love, which gives you the courage and strength to constantly pursue your highest potential.

Once the process of enlightenment begins, it becomes your purpose, filling up the spaces surrounding your normal everyday activities and taking precedence over the ordinary aspects of your life.

The wisdom that is in You.

Take time to know yourself and to remember what has been forgotten. Become still and listen. Only in the quiet, between breaths, and in the place that is not waking nor sleeping, is the wisdom of your Soul Self.

Listen to the voice of guidance in your mind. It speaks to you throughout the day. When you are unsure of what to do, stop and quiet your mind. You will find the answers you seek. Your life will flow seamlessly and gracefully.

This is a miraculous time. You have the opportunity to move into a higher consciousness and continue on your path into the Light.

As you hold the Light, you become more grateful for each day. You realize that acknowledging each aspect of your life is only happening in that instant, and that makes it special. Nothing will ever happen again in that moment, so cherish it all. Each day should be honored because it is part of your life. It is the most precious thing you have.

You are a Being of Light, and you are a miracle. No one else can experience your life. They can share parts of it. They cannot be you and you cannot be them. Only you have the unique privilege of being you in this very moment.

Take the time to savor it.