The Spiritual Light That Surrounds You

You are surrounded by the Light, the Life Force Energy that vitalizes everything.

As you place your focus on the Light, and bring it into your Light Body, you will feel your vibration rise. 

As you experience this higher energetic level, you may find you wish to share it with others. There are many ways to do this, but basically you must only have the intention to do so. It does not mean you have to amaze or astound anyone, even the slightest amount of your higher vibration can serve someone, often when they need it most.

You may never know how the Light you send out into the world changes a person or situation, but rest assured, the world will be lifted, and it will come back to you multiplied.

As a spiritual seeker, it is your purpose to bring Light into the world and share it. It is something that you have the ability to accomplish. It is so simple that it is often overlooked as too basic for the seasoned enlightened person, but it is truly one of the most powerful things you can do.

Bringing in the Light is not complicated There are many ways to do so that do not require much effort. A kind word, the acknowledgement of another person, even a smile can make a difference.

Doing spiritual work such as meditating or working with crystals is very powerful and can surround you and fill you with profound Life Force Energy. However, your spiritual path is a continuous one, meaning that everything you do is as important as the activities that are traditionally defined as spiritual.

Think of the Ascended Masters who walked the Earth. They spread the Light with each step that they took. They inspired others just by being in their presence. You can do the same, for when you are on a spiritual journey you are aspiring to be such a being, offering kindness to others and radiating happiness and Light where there is none. 

You are a spiritually advanced being, and that is why these simple actions are easy for you. You can be an inspiration, with very little effort on your part, producing extraordinary results.

You have the opportunity to send Light into the world, both with your intentions and your actions.  An unselfish gesture, which seems insignificant to you, may inspire others and change lives for the better.

Even if you do not see the results of your efforts, know that you took action and you made the choice to share the Light. When you send that Light out into the world, it is there, it does not go away. It raises the vibration of everything for the highest good.

You will feel happy when you share the Light that surrounds you. You will be fulfilling your purpose on your spiritual path. You will be raising your own vibration, which will enable you to share even more Light, and the world will be a better place, because of you.

It only takes a little bit of Light.

Wendy Ann Zellea is an Ascension Messenger and Luminary. Her work, consisting of esoteric concepts presented in a clear writing style, focused on bringing through a Higher Truth as a Keeper of the Divine Principles of Grace.

Wendy has lived a colorful life as a teacher, musician, restaurateur, artist, and IT professional.