Letting Go of Old Energy

Spiritual growth, enlightenment, and conscious human evolution, are essentials for living in the New Era.

Letting go of what no longer serves you or resonates with you is part of a continuous process of increasing your Light algorithm.

 As you release denser energies, you hold more Light and create balance within yourself. The same way that a hot air balloon stays on the ground using weights, releasing old energy frees you to rise to higher levels of consciousness.

Sometimes letting go includes ending a relationship with a person or situation, in either case after you do, there remains a space in your etheric body you can fill with Light. 

You live in two main dimensions, that of the mind, which includes your thoughts, and the other of the body and your senses. However, there are endless subtle, yet to be experienced, combinations of consciousness waiting to enter your comprehensible sphere.

Allowing your feelings to be the barometer of which beliefs to keep or which to let go, leads you to the best outcome. Social customs and traditions, and the desire to please others may often present challenges to following your own path, but your true feelings will always guide you to the Light.

Some relationships, situations, and habits have etheric expiration dates in the past. When they do, it is time to let go. The begin doing something different, and progressing into a new life direction. It can be emotional, but also freeing.

Certain life events may be intelligently designed by the universe, or by agreements that were made before you were born, to be used as tools while on your spiritual journey. These etheric proceedings create opportunities to learn life lessons. A friend may be a sort of angel, creating situations that help you grow spiritually. A romantic relationship may be the catalyst for you to learn how to create boundaries, or be more giving to another person. 

You may not always know why events happen, or why particular people come into your life, but one thing is certain, it is not for nothing. Even strangers, that cross your path during the day, can offer opportunities for self-realization, both for you and for them.

Once you recognize what is no longer serving you, you can release it. How you do this is easy, just let it go. When the issue moves into your conscious awareness, there is no need to dwell on it, or feel the emotions attached to it. Have the intention to send it to the Higher Realms to be transmuted, and then bring Light into the space that the old energy once occupied.

When this process its done, your Light Body will be energized. You may  even notice that when you try to recall the old feeling, there is only a vague recollection of it. 

Letting go of old energy and bringing in the Light is all part of the magical process of Ascension. What is most exciting is that it is possible, and that you can do it!