Ascension Messages for the New Era

Your Higher Self is the portal through which you connect to both your inner guidance and the higher realms. Through these connections, information that is appropriate for the transition into the new energetic era is integrated into your consciousness.

At times, it may appear that higher energetic communications with similar content are appearing from various sources. There is a purpose for specific themes being shared in many forms within a set timeframe. Each of these messages has its own distinct pattern and essential value to those resonating with it, but what they have in common is an underlying energetic vibration.

Just as operating systems are updated on computers, archaic beliefs that are no longer relevant are shifting to be more compatible with the current human consciousness.

It is not only the ancients who were capable of wisdom, so are people living now. The good news is that updated wisdom, compatible with the emerging consciousness, is being made available by those devoted to higher truths.

You are living in a fantastic reality, a new era, one where the awareness of your place in the universe is expanding. Channeled messages may come through your Higher Self, with the purpose of bringing higher vibrations that will facilitate the transition.

For this to happen, the message must pass from the Higher Self through the physical self, so it can be shared. The person channeling must strive to maintain the most coherent light configuration possible, so that the impeccability of the message is maintained, and the essence preserved.

What is truly being brought forth are energetic vibrations. Each character in any language has a vibration. The combination of letters that make up a word creates another unique vibration. The combination of all the vibrations makes up the language of a message.

The manner in which the message is presented can take many forms, bringing the same energy, expressed in similar and unique ways. That is why different people may bring through the same information during the same period.

The process of ascension is not a contest, and each journey is unique. After all, enlightenment is only a measure the amount of light you are holding in your energy body.

The distribution of light varies from person to person. Therefore, it is still possible to experience imbalances at certain times, especially when cosmic energies are intensified. Being aware of these influences can help you to remain balanced as energies are fluctuating.

As a channel, you receive information from the higher realms and transmit it to the third dimension. As an individual, you receive information from your Higher Self, validated by your feelings. It is that simple.

The energy currently being integrated into your consciousness, is designed to recalibrate your light body so it is compatible with the vibration of the new era, allowing you to process higher vibrations of light.

The wisdom of antiquity is beautiful and spiritually invigorating and very well might have been channeled from the same higher beings that are delivering relevant information now. Ancient and traditional concepts, which are relevant today, have been preserved and assimilated into the new era, along with new energy.

The impossible must be imagined as possible, stepping beyond the apparent, to integrate miracles into ordinary reality. Only by doing so can you advance into the higher energetic vibrations that await you.