Spirituality of an Enlightened Being

Spirituality is the process of re-discovering the multidimensional aspects of your enlightened self. As you experience energy flowing through you, integrating Light into your energy body, your awareness increases. You begin to communicate with the Higher Beings and Guides that are waiting for you to ask for their assistance. They begin to encode you with expanded frequencies to assist with your spiritual growth.

You are an enlightened being. Over time your understanding of the magic that is happening becomes more refined and you receive clear thoughts that are new to you. Your journey takes on new directions as you return to the being that you truly are, so that your gifts and life’s purpose may be realized. You set your intention to hold the Light and eventually you are ready to send it out into the world.

How you begin this process is by quieting your mind so that you are thinking of nothing. Then when you find yourself back in the noise, you can retain the calm, mindful, centered state you created.

Changing your primary focus from the consciousness of the everyday world, to being within yourself, allows you to function from your center. Listen to the dialogue you are having with your Higher Self and what it is telling you.

Your spiritual path is one of knowing yourself and being yourself. The esoteric learning you do in the physical realm can give you tools with which to help you achieve self-knowledge, but the real work must be done by you, from within.

The more you know yourself, the more inspiration, guidance, and knowledge you can receive from the higher realms, for it is then that you can resonate with that wisdom. That is the grace within which you live.

Everything that exists on Earth is a spark of a Divine source of life that was created so that the experience of all aspects of duality, high and low, light and dark could be realized. Each of us is allowing those aspects of creation to manifest in a myriad of unique combinations. When times are tough, ego is diminished, and it is then that we are able to increasingly grow and evolve spiritually.

Learning experiences are blessings in disguise, because they allow you to become aware of the personal work that you must address, so that you can continue on your journey. The pain you might endure along the way is merely the resistance you create to the process of stepping into the unknown.

The Higher Beings can help you make these transformations more easily. All you must do is ask for their assistance. You can release lower energies and transmute them into pure Light, and experience healing. By working with Higher Beings and the gifts of Divine Grace, you no longer have to hold on to the unwanted aspects of your life. Instead, you can embrace the beauty and magic that is your legacy.

Do not belittle or diminish yourself, by assuming that you deserve punishment for choices you have made in the past, for all those decisions have brought you where you are today. You don’t have to try to win, because you already have.

A Message from Archangel Metatron …Brought through with Love and Light, by Wendy Ann Zellea…

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