The Path to Your Higher Self

Your Higher Self is the etheric being that lives within your Light Body. It contains the Life Force Energy that defines your essence. Your life purpose is journeying along the path that leads you to being your Higher Self.

This etheric self is the part of you that remains constant through all lifetimes. It is the defining element of your being. 

As you increase the connection with your etheric self, you experience more of your Divine aspects. Your Higher Self holds the blueprint of your essence, and in the quest for enlightenment all will be shown to you in good and perfect time.

The Ascension Process is a search for the Higher Self. When you surrender to that objective, the process will unfold naturally.

It is through your Higher Self that you experience multidimensionality and your purest expression. It is through your Higher Self that you may communicate with the Higher Beings, Angelic Realm, and the Ascended Masters.

As you experience inner awakenings, you become more in tune with your Higher Self. As this happens, you will receive increased guidance from the Highest Beings who have dedicated themselves to assisting you along your path. As you acknowledge their presence, their messages come to you as second nature and you can integrate them into your Light Body effortlessly.

When you have a Soul Connection with someone, it is through each of your Higher Selves. In any lifetime you may connect with that person, because once the connection is made, it always exists.

Your Higher Self is your guide throughout your spiritual journey. You have an unbreakable connection, through which your truth is generated. When you recognize and then receive the inspiration that is communicated through this connection, both your purpose and the direction to take to achieve it become evident.

Your Higher Self vibrates a Light that can fill your Energy Body. All you must do is have the intention to allow it to happen. It is a most natural process.

You were born with the awareness of how to maintain the connection to the highest part of you, but it is not an intellectual endeavor. Instead, it is an etheric one, requiring no effort on your part other than allowing it to happen.

As you become one with your Higher Self, magic begins to happen. You become calm and peaceful. No matter what is transpiring in the world around you, you have an oasis of serenity that is yours alone. 

Your Higher Self is all around you and within you. It is the Light shining on your path, the beacon that calls you forward and the soothing source of Love from the Universe.