Be Still and Open Doors

IMG_0237_0105Stillness opens the doorway to the Higher Realms. Be still, just for a moment. Feel yourself, Be yourself. With your imagination, walk in a field of green grass or sit in a beautiful garden, filled with flowers and streams of sunlight. Be aware of the Life Force that surrounds you. Reach out and communicate with the benevolent beings that are just beyond the veil. They have always been there, observing you. Become an observer too, a stargazer.

Place you focus on life occurring within you. Your body functions effortlessly. You are made up of energy, in constant motion. That same energy surrounds you, It extends outward to infinity. Resonate with the vibration that is your Soul Song. Hear it in every moment. It emanates from and resonates through your feelings.

To which distant realms have you traveled in your dreams. To which internal kingdoms do you belong? They are all aspects of the living organism, of which you are part.

Be still and take part in the essence of true prayer. Become one with the Divine, which is in you, as you. This is the true experience of being human. You are creating balance and momentary perfection. Everything that exists, flows with the rhythm of life. You resonate with that rhythm. As you live, you breathe, your heart beats, your blood flows, and electrical impulses are generated throughout your physical and etheric bodies.

“Still, is still moving to me.” Jimmy Cliff

Become part of the splendor and grandeur of the Earth, the Solar System, the Universe, and beyond. What other universes are there? Can you feel them? Are they calling to you? Can you hear the ancient voices echoing through your very being? They are part of you and you are part of them.

When you are truly still, life flows through you. Imagine a tree. It is rooted in the ground and, for the most part, grows very slowly. The only action it gets, is when a breeze blows through it or a bird perches on its limb. That is how it appears from the outside. In truth, that tree is very busy. Energy is flowing through the tree, just as it does through you. It is photosynthesizing Light and processing minerals and water from the Earth. Birds and insects interact with the tree, as well as sometimes even humans. Trees communicate with one another and with plants, through their roots systems. In fact, when all is said and done, a tree may even be busier than you.

Do you see birds on the telephone wires? They are transmitters of spiritual energy. Notice them, because a message is coming your way. Do they begin to chirp and squawk when you get near? Take note of when you see them. Does the breeze begin to blow when the vibrations of the Higher Realms penetrate your Light Body?

Therefore, even when you are still, so much is happening within you as well. You are connected to simultaneous lifetimes, other dimensions, and different worlds. You are also connected to places on Earth, in this time and space, which you have visited, both physically and etherically. Other people are thinking of you, remembering conversations, sending you Love and Light. Those thoughts are being integrated into your Light Body by your Higher Self, without you even being conscious it is happening.

When you are still, energy flows more freely and processes occur without resistance. You become more sensitive and conscious of a finer vibration. Why is this important, you may ask? Because it allows you to filter the influences that are coming your way. You are able to determine what you allow into your Light Body. This can reduce the amount of effort you must spend clearing energy, allowing you to maintain a more constant state of peace and Love. After all, that is the goal, is it not?

You are made up of the elements of the Earth and the stars. You are composed of the substance of all that is. It lives in every cell of your body, and in every atom of your spirit. You are an essential part of everything. Without you, the whole cannot exist. That is how important you are. Feel your core integrate with all of creation. There is no one and nothing, more or less essential than you. You swim in the Cosmic sea of the void, which ls the storehouse of the materials of creation.

When you are still, you are positioned to be receptive, gentle, and allowing. You are balancing the feminine and masculine aspects of you, making them pliable. Moderation envelopes you and your Soul Song sounds. You are at peace, you are loving, and you are having a true human experience.

Now, be still, move your focus to your heart center. It is from there that your thoughts will generate from now on. Only heart-centered thinking resonates with the New Era on Earth. Your feelings are your guide. No longer must you look to others for answers. All wisdom and knowledge is within you. Your energy will be calibrated automatically, in good and perfect time. All you have to do is allow it to be so…

Brought through with Love and Light by Wendy Ann Zellea

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