A Message From the Masters

This is a message from The Masters.

You have received many messages from Beings of Light that have inspired and guided you on your journey, but there is also a Master inside of all of you and you can tap into your wisdom any time.

You do not have to wait to become Enlightened, for it already has happened and will endure. The Ascension Process is a journey that continues on and on…

 So, how do you proceed and what should you expect? That, my Dear Ones, depends on you. Are you ready to claim your Divine Self and bring your gifts into the world? We suppose you are.

There are messages lying dormant within you waiting to be shared with those ready to hear. You have a purpose and a reason for being here, and now is the time to act and live out your destiny.

You know how to proceed. The answer lies within you. In the past you may have looked to others for guidance, but now you can look to yourself. You possess the roadmap to the Higher Realms. There may be detours and delays, but when you listen to your heart, you will always return to the path of least resistance.

You are here on Earth to more than just survive; you are here to share your gifts with the world. You are contributing to the future, which makes your journey something quite special. As you are Holding the Light, you are raising the vibration of all humanity. Remaining on your Spiritual journey is what you CAN do!

On your path of Ascension and Spiritual Growth, you can measure your progress by looking back and remembering where you were in the past. Recognize your accomplishments and acknowledge that because you are reading this, you are still on your path.

When you reflect, examine yourself and determine if you are still on the pure spiritual path you once were. If so, then proceed, if not, then we welcome you back.

Firmly adhere to the Ascension Process. Live from your heart, focusing on love for yourself, others, the Earth, and all Creation.

The Ascension is here, but it is only the start of what might be the greatest event in human history. We, The Masters are part of it, and so are you.

We, The Masters, have joy in seeing you embrace your process of Conscious Human Evolution and your Path of Ascension.

With much Love and Light,

The Masters through Wendy Ann Zellea

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