The Codes of Ascension

You are a human operating system, capable of supporting energetic programs that define the integrity of your existence.

New codes, necessary to help repair and rejuvenate energetic vibrations, are being downloaded into the physical and Light Body, primarily during auspicious cosmic cycles. These codes, sent through the infinite intelligence of the universe, are essential to help rejuvenate energetic vibrations, so the full capabilities of the human experience can be known.

The Codes of Ascension have always been available. However, not until a sufficient collective Light Quantification was achieved, could they be integrated into human consciousness.

There are many ways you, as someone on the Path of Ascension, receives these elements of the pristine human blueprint. Much of the pure vibration that flourished in advanced civilizations has been preserved and is becoming re-introduced into the energetic environment.

Channeled messages are designed to re-awaken dormant codes stored in DNA and connect those receiving or reading them with higher aspects of their Light Body.  As you integrate the codes, the result is an exponential acceleration in the Ascension Process.

A channeled message has an essence, which holds a vibration. It also has a theme, which is expressed by the words that are used. When you read or hear the words, you logically receive the message. If you resonate with it, you may become inspired. That feeling of inspiration is a signal that your Light Body is integrating codes into your original human blueprint. Beyond the message, intrinsic within the words, are the codes that will enhance and rejuvenate your Light Body.

When photos of Sacred Sites are viewed, or better yet visited, codes that are embedded in the stone are assimilated. Most of these sites were used for a higher purpose in their day, and that energy remains.

The vibration of such places is intense. Focusing on a sacred site or seeing a photo of one can allow you to integrate its codes. After physically visiting a sacred site there is a period of adjustment, as the Light Body self-regulates the assimilation of the new information it has received.

Celestial events open portals, allowing codes to pass through. Equinoxes, solstices, moon cycles, and astrological periods, all have their own messages to offer. Noticeable changes in environmental energy can be felt during these times. Heavenly bodies, planets, and stars are living entities with a life purpose, just as you have. Within their cycles are powerful energies. Gaze at the stars or pictures of the galaxies. There is purpose in the Universe.

Angels, Ascended Masters, and other beings of Light, have codes to share. All that is required is to think of them or ask them to send you what is appropriate for you. There are beings ready to send you messages.

Admire the sunset or sunrise, the trees, and the plants in your home. They have information for you too.

There is a reason why you are gravitating towards inspirational media. The time has come for you to absorb a Higher Vibration. Before the New Era, it was all about inspiration and learning, now it is about re-programming the Light Body.

The changes occur silently as shifts take place.

Your consciousness is evolving rapidly. When you resonate with something, it is a remembrance of what was once yours and can be again. All you must do is be willing to receive the gifts.

Part of your purpose, as a Master in the New Era, is to integrate codes. As you do, fragmented parts of the puzzle that is you are restored, and you experience more of your true human potential. It is a process of allowing.