Codes of Ascension

RanbowYour purpose is to integrate codes.

The Codes of Ascension have always been available. However, it was not until a sufficient Light Quotient was achieved, that they could be integrated into human consciousness. There are energetic vibrations that existed on Earth, belonging to ancient, advanced civilizations, which flourished on Earth ages ago. Currently, they are being re-introduced, along with Codes that are relevant to the New Era. Through channeled messages, data stored in DNA that has lie dormant, and higher aspects of the Light Body, each person has the opportunity to receive these codes. The result is an exponential increase in the Ascension Process of the New Era. Consider how quickly consciousness has evolved over the past few decades. Before that, it seemed to just drag along at a snail’s pace. Technology changes every moment and humans have to evolve faster than that, since they are the ones creating it.

What are these codes and why are they important? Think of your Light Body as a jigsaw puzzle. Over eons of evolutionary development, the human potential has been diminished and the Light Body of many has become fragmented. This is sometimes called Soul Fragmenting. The codes that are becoming available now, were in the original human blueprint, but have, over time, been lost, damaged, or overridden by other programs, which were the result of non-life sustaining choices made by humanity.

How does one go about obtaining these codes? The process is simple, for Masters are already doing it. The codes are in channeled messages, books written by enlightened authors, photos of ancient ruins, stars and galaxies, being in nature, and all that is found to be inspiring. Whatever you resonate with holds the codes you are meant to integrate.

For example, a channeled message has an essence, which holds a vibration. It also has a theme, which are the words that are used to express it. When you read or hear the channel, you logically receive the message. If you resonate with it, you may become inspired. That feeling of inspiration is a signal that your Light Body is integrating codes. Beyond the message, intrinsic within the words are the codes that will enhance and help to reconstruct your Light Body, replacing pieces of the puzzle. When photos of ancient ruins are viewed, or, better yet, visited, codes that were embedded in the stone are assimilated. Most ruins were used for a purpose in their day and that energy remains. That is why the vibration of such places can be so intense for some. A great many codes may be integrated when one is physically there. Afterwards there is a period of adjustment as the Light Body self regulates the new information it has received.

Celestial events are also bringers of codes. Equinoxes, solstices, moon cycles, and astrological periods, all have their own messages to offer. The heavenly bodies, planets and stars, are living entities, with a life purpose, just as you have. Ever notice how the energy changes at these auspicious times? It is not a coincidence; there is purpose in the universe.

Angels and Ascended Masters have of codes to share. All that is required is to think of them or ask them to send you the appropriate ones. Use their names in your software passwords and you will think of them often. Gaze at the stars or pictures of the galaxies. There are beings in those places ready to send you messages. Admire the sunset or sunrise, the trees and even the plants in your home. They have information for you too.

There is a reason why so many people are gravitating towards inspirational media. The time has come for Lightworkers to absorb as much energy and Light as possible. Before the New Era, it was all about inspiration and learning, now it is about re-programming the Light Body. This is also done by means of the codes that are being shared on social networks and on the Internet. In addition, each person is capable of accessing the library already stored in his or her DNA. All you require is the intention to do so. The changes occur silently. Just when you think nothing is happening, suddenly a shift has taken place.

Your purpose as a Master in the New Era is to integrate as much code as you are able. As you do, the fragmented parts of the puzzle that is you will be restored and you will experience more of your true human potential. The process is one of allowing, rather than effort. So, begin now and see that by opening yourself to the process you are being a Master in the New Era.