Your Own Set of Beliefs

Beliefs that serve you come from within, from your heart and the deepest part of your soul.

With so much information available it is important to use discernment in determining what is authentic, and more importantly, what is for the highest good.

When you speak your own truth, you are being genuine. You know what is true for you, even if you are the only one who believes it.

At times, you may feel as though you do not belong to this world. It is okay if you do, because it only means that you have evolved to a higher level of consciousness than others. Congratulate yourself.

You have an impeccable source of guidance that comes from your inner self, the self that you speak to. It is the essential you, guiding and inspiring you along your personal spiritual path.

Your own truth belongs to only you.

Listen carefully and you will hear it. Embrace it, for it is yours. You brought it with you when you incarnated into this lifetime. Your beliefs will reveal themselves, when you open your heart to receive them.

Everyone has their own set of beliefs, seeking the company of those who have similar ones. As your beliefs evolve you may be drawn to different activities and people.

There are some beliefs that do not change, they stay with you all your life. You may have brought them into this life with you. You could have embraced them in another lifetime. They are part of your character, molding your energetic signature.

As you follow your spiritual path, these core beliefs are buffers that help you on your journey. They are the beliefs such as Kindness, Love, and Caring. They are what make your life worthwhile. When you examine those beliefs, you feel good.  You have a happy feeling.

When you fine-tune a current belief, you experience a sense of accomplishment. You are clearing the way on your spiritual path, making it easier for you to continue your journey.

That is why you are here, to go forward and continue. Your path may have many turns and curves and occasionally you may feel as though you are back where you began. Even if you are, this time you have been there before, and that is what makes the difference. You have an advantage, and you can continue again, knowing that you are becoming stronger and that your beliefs are serving you.

What a grand feeling to know that you have chosen a higher path and you are headed in the right direction. What a joy to feel that happiness in yourself that you can share with the world.

You made the decision to hold on to the true beliefs that will make your world a better place. Deep in your heart you know this, and it raises your spirits.

Acknowledge that you have held on to beliefs that are good and true. You have done well.