Tragic Events on a Global Scale

Why do tragic global events happen? When you believe everything happens as it should, according to Divine Plan, is difficult to see what possible good can come from heartbreaking occurrences.

At the same time tragic events are taking place, the amount of Love, Light, prayers, Healing Energy, and plain old good wishes that we send, with caring and loving intention, magnifies exponentially. These consciously generated, highest intentions create conduits for the Higher Beings to send exponential amounts of unobstructed Angelic and Higher Dimensional energy to the Earth’s Realm. We can feel the increased loving, positive vibrations that spread across the planet.

In the wake of horror and tragedy, we generate powerful waves of higher positive energy, with the intention of easing the pain of those who are suffering. We experience increased levels of caring, for all those involved. We feel compelled to take part in an outpouring of prayers and healing energy. As media brings us live coverage of tragic events, we are generating levels of feeling that the Earth has not seen for ages.

Amid fear and despair, like a beautiful flower growing out of a garbage heap, we are generating enormous amounts of Love. As we witness the suffering of others, we are learning to be more compassionate. We give our time, money, and energy. We take the time to explore and re-evaluate belief systems.

We have made great strides in clearing negative, lower vibrating energy, and we are experiencing wonderful, healthy, happy lives, filled with gratitude, abundance, and joy. When we become aware of unsettling world events, we are holding our space in the higher dimensions and remaining observers of what is happening. It is essential that we keep our vibration as high as possible, for we are Light Bringers and Light Bearers, and it is during these drastic events that Light is needed the most.

As always, the more Love, Light, and Healing Energy we create, the more we are contributing to the best possible outcome of humanity and the Earth. As we continue to hold the Light, we open the pathways for others to also hold more Light.

The New Era already exists. It is complete and functional. Those who put their focus on the Higher Dimensions are the place holders of the new Crystalline civilization into which we are all evolving. Each of us is in our appointed coordinate on the Earth’s Energy Grid, holding it in place and keeping it intact. There is no going back now, no failure, or questions as to whether it will succeed, because it already has, and we are an instrumental part of the Process.

As we continue our journey, we will not falter.  When we do not know what to do next, we can ask our Angels and guides, they will help us. When we are unsure of the next step, we wait for an answer, and we will not have to wait long. We are the Bright Stars of the present and the future, the driving force of the Divine, and the Ray of Hope for all. We will shine our Light for all to see and walk into the unknown with excitement and wonder.

And so, it is…

A Message from the Higher Realms …
Brought through with Love and Light by Wendy Ann Zellea

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