Avebury-Moon StoneChanneled messages come through the Higher Self.

By now, many Lightworkers have become aware that they are living in a new energetic hologram, which began in 2013. Increasing numbers of people, experiencing this new energy, are bringing through messages containing information that will make the transition, into this uncharted territory, easier for others. Some channels seem to be saying similar things, but in different ways. There are reasons that a particular theme is brought through in many forms at the same time. Each of these messages has its own distinct pattern and essential value to the rapidly unfolding Ascension Process.Read more »

Sedona Nov 2014

Know Thyself, we are all familiar with the phrase that was spoken more than 1,000 years ago, but the profoundness of those words is a key element the Ascension process that we are experiencing now. Knowing ourselves is more than deciding what kind of ice cream we prefer or even what is our astrological sign, instead, it is the deep remembering of what has been forgotten, but not lost.Read more »


Wellness, and health are the natural state of all living things. What is it then that allows or prevents someone from experiencing well-being in their life? Everything in the Universe is made up of energy and each particle of that energy vibrates at its own frequency. The total combined vibration of the particles of energy of which an individual is comprised, determines the level of awareness, consciousness, well-being, and happiness of a person. Therefore, lower vibrating energy creates an environment of un-wellness, whether it is mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical. There is a level where energy becomes non-life sustaining, more commonly referred to as negative energy.Read more »

Autumn equinox 2013_grid_HuicholThe Autumn Equinox is a day of balance—the day is the same length as the night. Gentleness abounds and the equality of day and night signifies that no conflict exists. Seasons change and the harsh sun of the summer is now a gentle warming, welcome glow.
Take the time to feel the balance in your life, the strength of the Divine Masculine and the gentle compassion of the Divine Feminine. Understand that power and strength come from kindness and grace. Practice both giving and taking in your relationships so that all involved can have a sense of fulfillment in the interactions you share.Read more »


A ritual is a sequence of actions that are performed to achieve a desired outcome. There are many types of rituals. In fact, from a certain point of view, life itself is a ritual. In the New Era, Masters have once again become aware of the value of integrating consciously designed, spiritually oriented, rituals into their daily life. Meditation, healing modalities, walking in nature, working with crystals, and a variety of other actions are intended to enhance, contribute to, and accelerate a person’s spiritual journey.Read more »