Tragic Events on a Global Scale

Why do tragic global events happen? When you believe everything happens as it should, according to Divine Plan, is difficult to see what possible good can come from heartbreaking occurrences.

At the same time tragic events are taking place, the amount of Love, Light, prayers, Healing Energy, and plain old good wishes that we send, with caring and loving intention, magnifies exponentially. These consciously generated, highest intentions create conduits for the Higher Beings to send exponential amounts of unobstructed Angelic and Higher Dimensional energy to the Earth’s Realm. We can feel the increased loving, positive vibrations that spread across the planet. Read more ›

The Truth of the Matter: Love and Kindness

The truth of the matter is, that in the end, you only have one thing to take with you, and at the same time leave behind. That thing is the Love you make and the kindness you express. Oh yes, perhaps you have done great things, by which you will be remembered, but the thoughts of others and the value you bring into their lives, is the true substance of your purpose and accomplishments in this lifetime.

Even if only a few people recognize the Love you have given and the kindness you have shown, the energy that those efforts have created, has a profound effect on the world, for it is an exceptional person that has these gifts to give, and an even more special one that takes the time to share them. Read more ›

You Are Your Own Spiritual Teacher

The Earth and her inhabitants are moving into the Crystalline Era. What this means is that everything is changing very rapidly. As a result, you might find that you are seeing things from a different point of view, in other words inter-dimensionally.

This journey into the unknown, frequently begins with a study of esoteric techniques. Often, in the beginning, you may choose to learn with teachers or attend classes and seminars, which are helpful in facilitating the process of Conscious Human Evolution. Your mind and body are learning to adapt to the next phase of the expansion of humanity.  Read more ›

Doors of Consciousness

On the path of ascension, there are many doors of consciousness, leading to new and higher vibrations. The energy of the collective consciousness may be on one side of a door, and a completely different vibration may exist on the other side.

Over time, when you begin to question and discover that certain things do not resonate with you the way they once did, you begin to remember what you know to be true and has been inside of you all along.

Do you sometimes feel surrounded by limitations, defining and hiding you from a significant part of your potential reality, as if those confines are keeping you from something? You begin to wonder how much more there is to life, and what is on the other side of the walls that are curbing your Spiritual journey.

Read more ›

The Joy of Wasting Time on a Spiritual Journey

A Spiritual Journey

Chalice Garden

A Spiritual journey is one taken with no road map. We proceed fearlessly, with guidance that comes from a place to which we have not yet been. And even though we do not know what lies ahead or even sometimes how to proceed, we keep going, without even knowing why. We only know that we must.

 Yet there are times when we feel stuck, as though there is no progress. It is then that we are on a plateau, a resting place, a time for reflection, gentle growth, and re-evaluation. It is an important part of the Ascension Process. Read more ›

A Divine Life


Anything that transcends our rational thought processes is difficult to define in words, especially when it is a force greater than we are. The very act of trying to conceptualize a deity, just to give ourselves comfort, is an exercise in futility, for as soon as we describe what that divine being is, we miss the mark.

Many are living under the illusion that they are separate from the Divine. They have taken the most important aspect of life and placed it into a physical form, separate from them, thereby removing themselves from the most fundamental part of their existence, and keeping it hidden beyond their reach, somewhere in the sky.  Read more ›

The Garden of Eden

Chalice Garden

There is a world where life is good, and all is well, and it is right here on Earth. It exists beyond a thin, transparent veil of conscious perception that despite its fragility, has power greater than a thick lead wall for those who live within it.

I am not speaking of a fantasy place on another planet or in a different time, it is right here and right now. We live on a wonderful, rapidly evolving planet, full of fascinating people and places, but we must lift the clouds of illusion that we have grown to accept, and learn to see life as it really is.

In an infinite and abundant universe, inhabited by enlightened, intelligent beings, on a beautiful place such as the Earth, we are not meant to suffer. We have fashioned our world and taken a few wrong turns, but the time has come for us, as luminous life forms, to get back on the journey we came here to experience. Read more ›

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