Freedom – A Message from St. Germain


I am St. Germain of the Violet Flame.

I come to you in Peace and Love. My mission is Freedom. I have been instrumental in the formation of all societies that embrace Freedom, from Lemuria to Atlantis, as well as those on Earth today.

I have been present at many gatherings of those that revere Freedom. I have made it clear through those who are open to channeling my vibration, that in order to achieve real Freedom, it must apply to all, otherwise no one will ever be truly free.

Freedom is not something that is granted once and endures forever. It must be nurtured, or it withers and dies.

The ability to grow and ascend can only happen when there is robust Freedom. Ideally this happens when there are Masters that hold the Light, thereby transmitting a high vibration.

Freedom is created through Love, for it is only Love that provides a buffer from external constraints. When Love is chosen as the vehicle that drives feelings and actions, external and internal Freedom can be achieved.

There is no greater cause than Freedom for all, for it results in peace, unity, and the return to the way life is meant to be. Each desire for Freedom, no matter how small, contributes to the goal of achieving it. Everything in the Universe exists in a state of Freedom. All else is unnatural. Therefore, it is always clear what must be done.

I look to those who embrace Freedom. I support them and send them messages of Light.

Always with Love and Light,

St. Germain

The Truth


Truth is what you choose to believe.

What is really true? When an entire planet of people believes something is true, it becomes collectively accepted..

At various times in history, people generally believed particular things to be true, that in other times were considered false. Ideas such as, some people are superior to others, illness is a normal part of life, the New Year begins on January 1st, and many more, were, and still are for some, absolute truth. Many of these beliefs came about at the same time across the planet in groups who had no contact with each other. This is because all life forms communicate telepathically. Read more ›

Cosmic Cycles

Cosmic Cycles

Cosmic Cycles have been honored for ages, as markers of essential Sacred Geometric aspects of the passage of life on Earth. The path of humanity is integrated into these recurring celestial events. Moon cycles, eclipses, equinoxes, and solstices are indisputably the same for everyone. Therefore, it seems reasonable for us to place attention on these events. We may not all agree on religion, politics, or even pizza topping, but most do agree that seasons exist.

No one disputes the degree of the angle of the sunlight that shines upon us or position of the moon at various times of the year. Our present-day calendars do not accurately mark celestial events as auspicious days, so perhaps that is a good reason for us to find a truer approach to the passage of time.

Equinoxes are times of balance. The energy is strong, but it is even. Solstices are more extreme; the Cosmic Energy can be either extremely high or low. It is during these times that it helps us to be acutely aware of how the energies are affecting us and how we can tweak our lives to sail on through, to the best outcome.

Eclipses are periods of shifts. Planets, the Sun, or Moon, may align, compounding their influence on us. We may never be the same after an eclipse, whether solar or lunar, but do we truly always want to be the same? Read more ›

Holding the Light

How can you hold the Light? You can see it, but that is only the physical aspect of Light. You can feel the Light at an energetic level. In addition, there is Light at higher vibrations that you can aspire to experience.

 You make room in your energy body for the Light by releasing lower vibrating energy. Once you hold the Light, you can send Light out into the world. That is your gift. It is also how you become Enlightened or filled with Light.

Is #Enlightenment a destination or a journey? Can you become Enlightened and ascend from your physical form? These are the questions that spiritual seekers contemplate. Read more ›

Tragic Events on a Global Scale

Why do tragic global events happen? When you believe everything happens as it should, according to Divine Plan, is difficult to see what possible good can come from heartbreaking occurrences.

At the same time tragic events are taking place, the amount of Love, Light, prayers, Healing Energy, and plain old good wishes that we send, with caring and loving intention, magnifies exponentially. These consciously generated, highest intentions create conduits for the Higher Beings to send exponential amounts of unobstructed Angelic and Higher Dimensional energy to the Earth’s Realm. We can feel the increased loving, positive vibrations that spread across the planet. Read more ›

The Truth of the Matter: Love and Kindness

The truth of the matter is, that in the end, you only have one thing to take with you, and at the same time leave behind. That thing is the Love you make and the kindness you express. Oh yes, perhaps you have done great things, by which you will be remembered, but the thoughts of others and the value you bring into their lives, is the true substance of your purpose and accomplishments in this lifetime.

Even if only a few people recognize the Love you have given and the kindness you have shown, the energy that those efforts have created, has a profound effect on the world, for it is an exceptional person that has these gifts to give, and an even more special one that takes the time to share them. Read more ›

You Are Your Own Spiritual Teacher

The Earth and her inhabitants are moving into the Crystalline Era. What this means is that everything is changing very rapidly. As a result, you might find that you are seeing things from a different point of view, in other words inter-dimensionally.

This journey into the unknown, frequently begins with a study of esoteric techniques. Often, in the beginning, you may choose to learn with teachers or attend classes and seminars, which are helpful in facilitating the process of Conscious Human Evolution. Your mind and body are learning to adapt to the next phase of the expansion of humanity.  Read more ›

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