When you think about the world that surrounds you, do you envision a wonderful place filled with kind and generous people, an environment glowing with the beauty of the natural world, and a life promising a future unfolding with the expectation of betterment for all?

If so, you are viewing the world from a perspective. You are focusing on potential and by doing so, you are helping to manifest that as a reality for everyone.

The world began with an enlightened society whose culture was based on ancient wisdom, sacred geometry, and spiritual understanding. It was the Golden Age, when people native to Earth and beings from elsewhere lived in harmony, respecting Cosmic laws and each other.

Over time humans went different ways. Why this happened may never be known. Slowly, over time, sacred knowledge was set aside. A few sages kept the original knowledge alive and passed it on through the ages.Read more »

In the realm of Quantum Physics, entanglement refers to a relationship that is created when energetic particles meet, remain connected, and have the ability to affect on one another. 

When such interactions occur, whether it is physical or etheric, energies weave together as in a tapestry. When the interaction is positive it strengthens the fabric, otherwise it weakens it. That is why it is extremely important to monitor your thoughts and actions, because your energy intertwines with each person you meet or connect with, whether it be in person or remotely.

When you send a prayer or healing intention, directed towards a person or situation, you energetically entangle with the intended recipients. You are directing a high vibrating broadcast that can raise the energy signature of all those involved, both the senders and the receivers, as they become entangled. Once this happens, the connection remains.

The practice of blessing food before it is eaten, sends a higher energy to the meal. This connects with those involved in preparing the meal, including the farmers and workers that made the food possible. The plants and animals that make up the meal also receive the intention that is given to the food. Then when you eat, all that energy combines with yours and it makes its way to your cells.

When you infuse your food with the intention that you are getting the highest benefit from it, you will reap the the rewards.

All living things require Light to survive. Humans cannot synthesize Light as plants do. Therefore, in addition to the nutrients in your meal, you get Light by consuming plants, or animals that eat plants. The divinity that resides in you that has the power to send positive, higher energy to other beings, situations, and even other dimensions.

You are entangled with countless other people and situations. If you read a book, written by an author that lived in the past, you become entangled with the energy of that person and that time. That is why it can seem so real to you as you become engrossed in the story. 

As you place your focus on higher vibrations, you take charge of the potential that is your birthright. You will discover how powerful you really are, as you infuse your desires into the outcome of the events in your life.

Wendy Ann Zellea is an Ascension Messenger and Luminary. Her work, consisting of esoteric concepts presented in a clear writing style, focused on bringing through a Higher Truth as a Keeper of the Divine Principles of Grace. Wendy has lived a colorful life as a teacher, musician, restaurateur, artist, and  IT professional.

Thanks to modern technology, new evidence that human civilizations existed on Earth more than ten thousand years ago and earlier, is currently surfacing. This ancient part of the Earth’s history is slow to be recognized and even slower to be accepted, but the evidence can no longer be denied.

Long ago, advanced methods of healing were developed and used. Sacred Geometry in the form of pyramids, lay lines, and the natural electromagnetic grid of the Earth, all forgotten by modern cultures, were incorporated into healing and rejuvenation. Crystals were encoded and used to intensify these natural energy methods, resulting in the amplification of healing spots.

The Earth’s inhabitants at the time knew the location of the organic, telluric energies and how to use them to maintain and restore well-being. Even today, the innate power of the Earth to heal is still known. People go to water for recreation and to relax. Why, because water purifies and cleanses. There is more oxygen by the seashore as the waves break and the salt-water draws toxins from the body. In addition, many go to power spots to experience an increased level of Life Force Energy.Read more »

Spring is here. The Light is returning and the Earth is coming alive. The magic of life on this planet is the recurring cycle of renewal, offering the opportunity to begin again as you wish to go forward.

It is the time to leave your cares behind and look for the good in everyone and everything.

There is a flame in each person that gives them life, but as with any fire, it must be tended to. As this flame is nurtured, so is the course of your life, for it is that fire that empowers your journey. It is fueled by the Love and Kindness you show to yourself and others. 

Forgiving yourself for what you might have done differently, creates a clear path for your future. Understanding others, even when you do not comprehend them, is Loving. They are on their own path. Everyone has a story and each story is as important as the next.Read more »

Life unfolds in cycles. The higher moments affect the the lower ones, as the darkness affects the Light.

The key to living a happy life is to be resilient, resonating with the cyclical nature of Life and moving through each day quietly, serenely, peacefully, and calmly, no matter what is happening in the world around you.

Within you is a place that is constant and which resonates with the best outcome, anchoring you to security and the knowing that all is good and well.

So, when the weather is bad, you stay home, out of the elements, creating time for yourself to go inward, so you can relish the sacred space you have created for yourself.

When the storm passes, you venture out, grounded, centered, and balanced.

The Angelic Beings, Ascended Masters, and your personal guides exist within the flow of the cycles of Life. Their energy is refined to harmonize with cyclical changes. When you connect with them they can inspire, communicate, and counsel you to recalibrate your energetic patterns.

When you stay connected to them, even for short periods of time, they can help balance and recalibrate your energy, so that you transition through cycles without resistance.

Each person tries to do what is best for them. Some follow their feelings and others follow external influences.

When you set your intention to listen to your inner guidance, in each decision you can discern what is best for you and for all involved.

What goes around, comes around.

Only allow the Highest vibrations to be assimilated into your energy body. Measure this by insuring that your thoughts and the words you speak to others are always positive.

Your power lies in your ability to create Love and Light. You have made an agreement to be here for that purpose. When you observe Life from a higher place, you do not have to be right. Instead, you can just send Light for the best outcome.

What the world needs now is Love and Kindness.

 Kindness is Love in action. The greatest gift you have to offer, is an act of Kindness. It is meaningful to send Love out into the world or to an individual, but acts of Kindness require  giving. It could include words of Kindness to someone, help or assistance to others, or even something material.

You are presented choices in life to do something good or Kind or to do nothing. An act of Kindness bring Light into the world in a perceivable form.

You are a spiritual being. You incarnated into this lifetime to bring Light into the world. The highest good for all is the mantra of your existence.
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