This is a message from The Masters.

You have received many messages from Beings of Light that have inspired and guided you on your journey, but there is also a Master inside of all of you and you can tap into your wisdom any time.

You do not have to wait to become Enlightened, for it already has happened and will endure. The Ascension Process is a journey that continues on and on…

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Spiritual Growth, otherwise known as becoming Enlightened, is the purpose of your lifetime here on Earth. It is the answer to the question many ask, why am I here.

The path to Enlightenment is a continuous process of increasing your energetic signature. Your overall vibration, which may fluctuate from moment to moment, is determined by emotional, environmental, and energetic influences, the sum of which is your Light Quantification.

Think Positive Thoughts, Speak Positive Words, Focus on Positive Things.

You still have spiritual work to do. This does not necessarily mean learning something new. You have gone through the phase of acquiring esoteric knowledge and modalities already. You have learned much on your journey.

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You are here to hold the Light. Your purpose is to bring Light into your Light Body and send it out into the world, as a conduit between beings in the higher realms and those who wish to hear the messages and feel the energy. Holding the Light embraces a conscious effort to maintain the integrity of your energetic signature, as you become more enlightened.

Is enlightenment a destination or a journey? Do you just reach a certain level and ascend from your physical form? These are the questions that spiritual seekers contemplate.

You live in the modern world. No matter how you view it, it is where you will complete your current physical life. You have a choice how to spend your time while you are here, determining what is important to you and what is not.Read more »

When you look around and see the hustle and bustle of life, you may wonder why it is so. Was it always this way, and will it remain a continuous race to the never to be attained finish line?

On the other hand, you may have already achieved a more optimal way to live, quietly, serenely, peacefully, and calmly.

The Calm is within you. Once you find it, and embrace it as your own, it belongs to you. You can live in its essence and move in its grace. It becomes the fluid container in which you travel through your day, surrounded with a layer of bliss and tranquility.Read more »

There is a moral standard, a set of rules, that each society uses to govern the lives of those living within it. Over time, the rules may change, to accommodate the advancement of the culture, so that the quality of life improves for everyone.

When guidelines, established by society, parents, or peers are neglected, it may cause conflict; however, it can also result in the creation of new rules that support the progress of the society. In simpler terms, things change and sometimes for the better.

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